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December 2010 Blog Posts (89)

Heaven in 2011

There is magnificent beauty all around us when we choose to observe life through love.  There is also amazing wisdom right within us when we are patient and listen to our heart.  These sublime qualities become a spontaneous part of our experience as we expand our awareness and go beyond our immediate reactions, preconceived expectations and limited notions.  Some may call such a life of innate joy an unattainable…


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Be Yourself to Free Yourself: The Art of Just Being

The topic that came to me to discuss for this Newsletter is about ‘just being.’ Most of the time we get caught up with doing, doing, doing that we tend to lose ourselves in the process. Sometimes part of what we are ‘doing’ is trying to…


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Happy Holy Days & May 2011 Be Like Heaven (on Earth)


Happy Holy Days & May 2011 Be Like Heaven (on Earth)

Dalai Lama


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Trust in God

Trust in God
For the Light to guide you to the Divine Presence

Trust in the Light that holds the presence
To bring you to the Source Of all
And to spark the flame that is Alive in the Soul

For in truth you are never separate from God
You are always alive in the Light of the Soul

And the Soul Lives eternally through Time
And brings the Presence into Being

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friends near tropical and equatorial area, speak out!

at our latitudes two thirds of day is occupied by light and darkness but let'ds consider other latitudes in which darkness contends only 11 to 13 hours.  why those people are often poor and can't talk with us? maybe we are parallel realities. let's also connect to theese ones

gods gives you the opportunity to be constant all over the year and no unequal like us.......what do your politics for you?


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Workshop - Create your ISC: Individual Sustainability Commitment

Thursday, January 6th 7-9:30pm and Thursday February…


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Benevity Introduces the Givatron, the First Charity-of-Choice Giving App for Android Devices

Just in time for consumers who want to make mobile donations to…


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Which Expectations Did You Inherit?

You know it’s important to identify and shift limiting beliefs, but how can you more easily identify the more subtle ones you inherited? One sure way is to look carefully at your expectations.

As a child, and even now, you learn and absorb beliefs about everything, limiting or not, by hearing them, through observing the actions of others, and energetically . . . because we ARE able to perceive the subconscious energy patterns of each other. And, you deliberately and successfully… Continue

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Even in the Darkest Night

And in the Darkest night
We standby

And when there is a call
The Sky shudders
And the Light finds an opening
And still we are here

Even through the Darkness
Through all the eons
Still we are here

And When the Dark meets the Light
Even in the Glimmer
Of a new Day Dawning
We reach out to the sun
And the Hearts Call
When we hear

Be not afraid
For we are Here

Added by cindy paulos on December 21, 2010 at 8:22am — 1 Comment

prAna Proudly Introduces Fair Trade Certified™ Apparel

prAna has partnered with Fair Trade USA to support and promote the Fair Trade Certified Apparel and Linens pilot.


Taking socially conscious fashion to a new level,prAna is proud to release the women’s Soul T, its first Fair Trade Certified™…


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The Sacred Guide

The Sacred Guide

If I were to take an empty page

And dedicate it to your Love

Would the words come through to speak of You

Would the Love come from your heart

So many pages of your wisdom and love

So many gifts have been brought to me

So many ways that you can reach out

And be a guide in the darkness when I cannot see

And if my mind is busy

You still it enough so I can be

In the sacred place where the truth comes… Continue

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Re-Awakening the Heart

I’ve been struggling for the last several weeks to respond to what we see going on in this country since the recent election.  Everywhere you turn, you see people at odds with each other expressing anger. Rep. Bart Stupak was reported to have said:  “Every boundary of decency has been crossed!”  People are divided and fearful.  Community panels discuss the lack of civility in our democratic process.  People are striking out in anger, marking turf and declaring “this group” or “that…


Added by Marcella Womack on December 17, 2010 at 6:19pm — 1 Comment

What Are the Differences Between Soul Needs and Ego Needs?

We are souls in physical form, and we have an ego that is meant to serve us in specific ways. Frustration happens when we get their needs confused (or ignore them) rather than have them work together.

Let’s look at some ways to differentiate between ego needs and soul needs.

Ego serves us in ways that move us to take actions in our daily lives, actions meant to keep us alive and, hopefully, thriving. Ego seeks to feel a certain way, often motivated by material demands that… Continue

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The Angels SIng

The Angels Sing

The Angels in their Glory Sing

And the song is heard throughout the World

Christ is Born so we may Live again

Spread the Joyous Word

There is a Joy at Christmas Time

That is the Greatest Gift of All

The Gift of Love, brings a blessed Peace

And We can hear the call

What would you bring to this Birth within

Of the Love of God inside your heart

For here is the Gift of which the Angels Sing

The gift of a… Continue

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Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn ~ Unconditional Love

Love yourself, others, and every situation

No matter what the outward appearance may be. To help to heal any situation or relationship, see the other person's point of view with compassion. Instead of seeing someone or something as 'good' or 'bad', have compassion, and know that everyone is doing the best they can at the time. Instead of pitying…


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International Press

Things are really picking up for drummer/percussionist Henning Stumm these days, praise God, somebody say Amen!

Henning Stumm is getting more and more press coverage. After USA & Brazil now also in Germany

there was an article written about Henning Stumm and his music on the German online magazine "" by Nathan Noergel.  So if you speak german and/or simply are curious follow the link and take a look.



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Redemption comes in Accepting

The Love that is Who you are

Acceptance of Who you are comes

When you find your soul and your true Nature

You true nature is eternal

And seeks expression in all that you do

As you can understand this you can

Forgive yourself

And so you can forgive others

As you understand who you are

You can love your self

And see that you are worthy of Redemption

You are worthy of… Continue

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Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn ~ Trust


Your angels are waiting to help you in your tasks. They are waiting to lead you toward the desires of your heart and the answers to your prayers. Please listen to and follow the steps the angels are communicating to you through your intuition, thoughts, dreams and those around you.



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a prayer

god of gods come with us

ina a multicolor shaped rainbow

god of gods send away our sorrow

let's be awakened for tomorrow

we don't know the day

but we know the way

after years awaiting

here is the dawn breaking

the darkness where afraid of

is going to be away let's start communicating

at an higher level let's don't be only clever

our marriege with truth is everlasting

let's wait injustice tears herself…


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