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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

10 Million Clicks for Peace, Please join me in supporting this noble project, there is no cost!

Why Support Peace? With the horrors in Iraq, impending trouble in Iran, the genocide in Africa, and so many countries near the brink, it's time to add your consciousness to a global group in a way that is simple, just click.

The "tipping point" for world peace?

"The tipping point" is the interesting idea that it doesn't take a majority of people to agree on something before the world moves in that direction. In reality, it only takes about 5% of the people to agree, before the world changes. It's not just an idea. There's a great deal of real-life evidence to support it, because most people will just go along with whatever seems to be happening.

10 Million Clicks For Peace will soon reach out to over 65 million people who have opted in to various mailing lists. That's one-percent of Earth's population, and those people will tell their friends, and so on, using the tools provided by 10 Million Clicks For Peace.

If you're ready for world peace, if you want to bring the world's troops home, if you want to change the news rather than watch it, if you want to help heal the damage done...

10 Million Clicks For Peace is simply the most innovative project, using the best technology, supported by the world's most visionary peace makers.

Please join me in supporting this noble project

Yours, for a better future,

Stephen of Peace Day

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