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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

Hi all

I think the right energy flow brought you to this space.

I am a German holistic therapist, channel and spiritual teacher as well as an author of spiritual novels. As a channel I perceive energies from every where, if I like to. But the most important and always present energy is from all of us, here on Earth.

We know that we are about to ascend because we have the strong desire to make a better life for all of us and our mother planet. Many groups are in movement and under construction. Every group is a cell of a new consciousness on Earth. I feel for sure, that we have to do something physical, combining all those groups in a way the whole world will be aware and part of it.

The vision is that we will form a human chain with more or less 30.000.000 persons hand in hand passing the Americas, North to South, all united in love and respect one to the other, hand in hand manifesting our new world intentions.
I see all gathering with us because this huge manifestation cannot be ignored.

Maybe you can see, just like I do, that the whole world will take part in this event, although they don’t form the chain with us. Even because it is a huge campaign that we have to mobilize and we’ll gather a huge amount of persons on the road, we’ll create a new consciousness in our world with


This is what will happen on the event:

A hug for a friend
A hug for a stranger
A hug for the enemy
A hug for animals and our environment

With a hug we make the other understand he is a friend
With a hug we express friendship to strangers
With a hug we give love, affection and strength
With a hug we extend our hands openly to receive our opposite
With a hug we give protection and comprehension to the weak

All together we embrace Gaia and her habitants to give to her and all of us power, peace, happiness and love. Together we co-create our future in mutual respect and acceptance.

Do you want to be with us?

Please inform all your friends about this project.

Unconditional Love
Sylvia Klaere

PS: my novels tell about this opportunity we have and in my vision it is all made and we achieve a new state of consciousness that helps to shift the world into 5th dimension.
I’m sure it will be more than simply a novel.

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Comment by Nancy on April 10, 2009 at 7:08pm
I love this! I'm in!!!
Big hug to you!
Comment by Sylvia on February 16, 2009 at 4:13am
Hi Darius,
I like the warm clima you have in your country but I think it is a little bit far away from Germany, I wouldn't be there for dinner at time.
But, please tell me the story. And it would be great to see your face, so I would know to whom I am talking.

Comment by darius M on February 15, 2009 at 3:06pm
How's about I invite u to dinner?? And I promise to tell u a story you will never forget....


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