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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

“Through mankind for mankind”

Getting together in the spirit of



United love power. A human chain, hand in hand across planet Earth, we’ll manifest and Co-create the world of our dreams on May 1st, 2012. It is important, that we all come together as one and (net) work together to brainstorm ideas to get our message to the world. To get this vision of unity to as many souls as possible.

BIG HUG Would like to see a smile on everyone’s face!

There are many people that for many reasons are facing challenging times, affecting them in many different ways.

They need support

Would also like to support and raise more awareness into different area’s of need.

Our consciousness is changing rapidly and creating wondrous
ripples of love, and compassion.

Each one of us is making a difference!

Some examples of needs for people:

• A school needs a new roof.
• A breadwinner of a family can not pay his car repair, no car - no job, so even more poverty.
• An operation in a hospital is requested, which the family can not afford.
• A small businessman needs a small loan to continue his work, so he can feed his family, and so forth.

Various merchandising ideas and other fundraising options could support some of these needs.

Now, here are some ideas in the spirit of BIG HUG:

We all are consumers. Some more, others less

• We present the event to some producers of different merchandises.
• Offer them the Logo.
• Motivate them to use our graphics as decor for their products.

Also we should raise their awareness to donate a certain percentage of these sold products, for the event. (To do this we need to accommodate the event for this.)
The money we will receive should be distributed in such a way, so that the small communities as well as individuals should benefit from it.

The funds resulting from the sold goods in different countries should be used there.
That means:
If in Mexico 100,000 pieces are sold and we received $ 100,000 as donations from the factory, then this money should be used for Mexican people again.
If in Ecuador 100.000 pieces are sold, we will help those people with the donations that are resulting from there.
And so forth.

What could be a commodity?

• T-Shirt
• Polo shirts
• Jackets
• Belts
• Flip-Flops
• Handbags
• Cups
• Jewellery
• Towels
• Linen
• Toys
• Images

Where the goods should be produced?
• Producers of (textiles - linen, jewellery, etc) of each country should be addressed, so as to support its own country.
• We must also consider the protection of GAYA of even more pollution, which would be the effect of worldwide shipments.
• We should raise awareness (sensitise) of PR agencies and main stream media, for free advertising in form of an article for these products
• Our thoughts are not only towards the countries where the human chain passes through, but we will consider all countries in the world. We are all in the same boat.

There are troubles everywhere, that with a small financial syringe (maximum of 5,000, - € / $) could be alleviated. You see in your neighbourhoods many small needs. There we could let the money flow come to and leave the big expenditures to the big worldwide known donor organizations.

Certainly we’ll need staff to check the auxiliary needs, give the money and help to keep contact with the media. In each country BIG HUG needs also employees, able in dealing with knowledge about financial matters (taxes and laws, etc.). The employees would be rewarded for their work with a percentage of the donation revenue.
In this way, the energy of the interaction and mutual understanding as well as the charity for the planet can greatly increase even before the BIG HUG event.

I would be very pleased about your thoughts and ideas concerning the above.

Maybe you have contacts we can use.

• To mobilize the merchandising.
• To inform the media about the benefits reported.
• To find other helpers around the globe.
• To find sponsors.

We need movers and shakers, and just quiet workers, to simply pass on BIG HUGS message, translate some texts, etc.

Any ideas or suggestions are considered.
Any kind of help is appreciated and worthwhile.

Please share whatever you like, and whatever you can at BIG HUG.

Love to all of us

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