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a love caravan is getting started, will you be with them?

Please read the following message carefully and decide if you would like to

become a messenger of LOVE and PEACE as well. It depends on us

how many people will be informed about what's going on. Copy the text,

send it to your friends and acquaintances, post it on other sites, use

your networking capabilities so everyone can participate in this event

- if not in…

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Global Love Day

Hi to everyone

My name is Sylvia-Hayron. I am a love ambassador and the initiator of the BIG HUG event on 1st May 2012. Looking forward to our new world of peace and love I like to express the following:

It is given to us to create everything we want. By and by, there are the best inventions and discoveries, to realize our desires. Whether it is a question to simply go quickly from one place to another, or put messages at… Continue

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Arms of Love will twine around our world on 1st of May 2012

As long as the world is populated there is a yearning for unconditional and forgiving love. Seemingly inaccessible and hidden in the morass of fears and worries of mankind it has to emerge somewhere and embrace, protect and love all of us.

Over thousands of years there always have been single persons who reminded us to change. Their words had the effect of an invisible seed lost in the weeds. But the sowing of the most… Continue

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“Through mankind for mankind”

Getting together in the spirit of



United love power. A human chain, hand in hand across planet Earth, we’ll manifest and Co-create the world of our dreams on May 1st, 2012. It is important, that we all come together as one and (net) work together to brainstorm ideas to get our message to the world. To get this vision of unity to as many souls as possible.

BIG… Continue

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Do you want to be with us?

Hi all

I think the right energy flow brought you to this space.

I am a German holistic therapist, channel and spiritual teacher as well as an author of spiritual novels. As a channel I perceive energies from every where, if I like to. But the most important and always present energy is from all of us, here on Earth.

We know that we are about to ascend because we have the strong desire to make a better life for all of us and our mother planet. Many groups are in… Continue

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Human chain between Alaska and Chile using the Pan American Highways

On paper the pan American route starts at Prudoe Bay , Alaska and ends in Ushuaia, Fire land Argentine. It crosses more than a dozen countries.

But in practice the 27.750 km highways are interrupted in the region del Darién in the tropical forest of Columbia next to the Panamanian border. These 90km – 160 km are like a natural barrier between the Central- and South-Americas, there are no modern… Continue

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Manifiesto of the BIG HUG

Fellow humans, my dear brothers and sisters,

United we are creating a new world today. In mutual trust and respect we manifest our intention that we will cease to cause each other any further pain. We now consciously intend to create a peaceful society upon our plant.

Only through Love can we make this happen so from now on we express only love to humanity out of mutual respect and benevolence.

We do now stand as one humanity and we see with our collective inner eye a new… Continue

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