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The Memorial Service of Dr. Robert Muller will be carried live on on Monday the 27th of September at 11:00 am Pacific Time / 2:00 pm Eastern from Santa Barbara, California.


Read remembrances of Dr. Muller sent to his wife Barbara, click here. For the Tribute page please click the graphic above.

During our 2010 Peace Day Global Broadcast we were planning to present a Lifetime Achievement Award to Dr. Robert Muller for dedicating his life to the work of the United Nations and world peace.

Dr. Robert Muller passed away on September 20th, the eve of Peace Day. We presented the award on the broadcast to his wife Barbara and their family then payed a quickly put together tribute to his life, it does not do him justice. Dr. Muller, you will be misssed, you lived an extra-ordinary life.

Dr. Muller was the Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations for 40 year's; Recipient of the UNESCO Peace Education Prize; Co-Founder and Chancellor Emeritus of the University for Peace in Costa Rica; and Nuclear Age Peace Foundation World Citizen honoree for 2002. In 2003 he was awarded the GOI Peace Award.

Dr. Muller was born in Belgium in 1923 and raised in the Alsace-Lorraine region in France. He knew the horrors of World War II, of being a refugee, of Nazi occupation and imprisonment. During the war he was a member of the French Resistance. After the war he returned home and earned a Doctorate of Law from the University of Strasbourg.

In 1948 he entered and won an essay contest on how to govern the world, the prize of which was an internship at the newly created United Nations.

Dr. Muller devoted the next 40 years of his life behind the scenes at the United Nations focusing his energies on world peace. He rose through the ranks to the official position of Assistant-Secretary-General and has been called the "Philosopher" and "Prophet of Hope" of the United Nations.

Robert Muller is deeply spiritual and from his vantage point as a top level global states-person has seen a strong connection between spirituality and the political/cultural scene.

Robert Muller created a "World Core Curriculum" and is known throughout the world as the "father of global education." There are 29 Robert Muller schools around the world with more being established each year. The "World Core Curriculum" earned him the UNESCO Peace Education Prize in 1989.

Based on this curriculum and his devotion to good causes, Dr. Muller has recently drawn up a "Framework for World Media Coverage" as a public service, as well as a "Framework for Planetary and Cosmic Consciousness" and a "Framework for the Arts and Culture."

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