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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

One of the wonderful AOAND members, Johnnie West, has embedded the Peace Day Global Broadcast Player on the AOAND site, in fact he's done it twice, once in the Peace Day Broadcast Group and also on his personal blog.

From September 17-21st please join us as your time allows by watching here on AOAND, there is incredible music included, the AOAND welcome message video from Carlos is also included in the broadcast, and live events from:

New York: U.N. Headquarters, Ringing of the Peace Bell (September 17), the Millennium Review Summit (September 20-22)


Geneva: Geneva World Peace Festival, September 17-21st from UN Plaza

Los Angeles: Roots & Shoots Youth Celebration (September 19th)

Hawaii: Parade & Festival for the United Nations International Day of P..., (September 21st)

Chicago: Stand-Up Campaign ~ Stand Up Take Action (September 18th)

Cape Town: EarthDance, ~ EarthDance Global Festival for Peace feeds are coming from multiple locations will be included on September 18th. Global Festival for Peace, now in
its 14th year, coordinates over 200 simultaneous public and private
events celebrating peace with music, dance, speakers and the
synchronized Prayer for Peace that joins all locations in a moment of
shared intention. On September 18 we will be broadcasting these
feeds, check their event map (right) for locations near you.

London: Peace In Our Lifetime Concert, featuring Dave Lindup of Level 42, Kuljit Bharma, Two Spot Gobi, and Rihardo Garcia (September 21st)

Finland: ENO Tree Planting Ceremony for Peace (September 21st)

New York Lincoln Center: Stand-Up Campaign Event (September 19th)

Arizona: Stand-up Campaign (September 17th)

Eugene: Eugene, Oregon will close out the event with a live celebration from the Peace Day Global Broadcast HQ. (September 21st)

San Francisco: Women's Earth & Climate Caucus. (September 17th)


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