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Peace Day & MDG Review Summit Move into High Gear!

September 10, 2010 -- A worldwide call for Peace involving millions of people in 192 countries is slated for September 17-21. More than 2,000 parades, concerts, dance celebrations, exhibitions and educational events inspired by the United Nations International Day of Peace are planned. People can watch the Peace Day Global Broadcast, at, to view live stream Internet coverage of the events. They can also carry the broadcast themselves on their own websites.

The events begin September 17 with the ringing of the Peace Bell from U.N. Headquarters at 8:45 am Eastern Time, the five-day celebration includes coverage from the Peace In Our Lifetime concert in London, a Jane Goodall Roots & Shoots youth event in Los Angeles, the planting of peace trees from Finland by Israeli and Palestinian ambassadors, a Peace Day Parade in Hawaii, the Women’s Earth and Climate Caucus in San Francisco and EarthDance festivals from at least twenty locations globally. There will also be live coverage from the United Nations Millennium Review Summit in New York as world leaders convene to assess global progress in attaining the eight social and economic targets set in the year 2000.

Interspersed with these live segments, the Peace Day Global Broadcast will present documentary segments showcasing the world’s most effective aid and peace-building organizations that are creating solutions to global crises. Documentary content is provided by CARE, UNICEF, ONE Campaign, Millennium Campaign, The Elders,, U.N. World Food Program, Peace One Day, UNIFEM, Action Against Hunger, Amnesty International, World Economic Forum, United Religions Initiative, Agape International and Playing For Change. The Broadcast will air the entire "Day After Peace" documentary created by the Peace One Day Foundation and will include a film festival comprised of short films provided by the Global Oneness Project. Additional collaborators are listed on the website. In addition, over one hundred celebrities from musicians Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and Usher to global dignitaries Desmond Tutu and Jimmy Carter will share the work they are doing to promote peace.

According to Broadcast Co-Directors Stephen Fantl and Kevin Kerber, “The Broadcast is our state of the planet
address. It’s an opportunity to tune into the world’s goodness and see the effective ways people are working together to help one another. It’s also an empowering call to participate.” The Culture of Peace
Initiative website, at, is the central resource for connecting participants to local and worldwide events and projects. For nearly three decades Avon Mattison, Michael Johnson and Melvin
Weiner of the Culture of Peace have been at the forefront of advancing the International Day of Peace.

“Peace had never received much media attention,” continues Fantl, “but with the power of the internet, we’re able to directly connect thousands of Peace Day activities and millions of people, which strengthens all of our collective efforts.” Last September, 200 million people participated in coordinated events and actions worldwide. “That’s when we put up our inaugural Peace Day webcast and reached 2 million people,” said Kerber. “With the host of collaborators we’ve added this year, who are embedding our video player on their websites, the
Broadcast may reach twenty million or more. This rivals viewership for the most-watched programming on American television. It shows that people want to participate in peace! We’re sending a message to world
leaders and corporations that we want meaningful change for the wellbeing of our planet and its inhabitants.”

A two-hour plus preview of the Broadcast is on view at Also find easy-to-follow instructions on how to embed the Peace Day video player onto a website, Facebook page, MySpace page or blog.
The Peace Day Global Broadcast is coordinated through the cooperation of LiveSteam, Unity Foundation,, GlobaLink TotalVision Network, ShockRa Entertainment, Xeden, Auricast, and UBIEE


Bill McCarthy
Unity Foundation

Laurien Towers

Stephen Fantl
Broadcast Co-Director
Broadcast Co-Director Stephen Fantl is available for interviews by phone, over SKYPE (for TV), or in person before or during the event from the Broadcast studio headquarters in Eugene, Oregon.

Nancy Richler

For Europe contact:

Dr. Michael U Dolgoruky
PeaceDay.TV Broadcast Media Network

Telefon Spanien: 34-976-306200
Telefon Deutschland: 49-89-2351-3138
Telefon Neuseeland: 64-9-889-2214

Telefon Australien: 61-2-8006-4322

More information can be found online at

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