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Promote the Peace Day 2010 Broadcast

Announcing the Peace Day 2010 24 Hour Global Broadcast Event. Please share the Peace Day 1 page introductory pdf, the Peace Day TV social community, Sponsorship Packages located in our Peace Day Broadcast Open Online Office, and vote on the Pillar of Peace Awards.

Building on the success of the first ever “UNITED NATIONS PEACE DAY GLOBAL INTERNET BROADCAST” in 2009, viewed by more than 2 million people around the world, we are proud to announce the PEACE DAY 2010 event.
On September 21, the United Nations' International Day of Peace, will be celebrated with the 2nd Annual Global Telecast via the internet, television and radio. We will highlight and honor the accomplishments of organizations and individuals around the world working to achieve the Millennium Development Goals and promote peace, human rights and sustainable development; the pillars upon which the UN was founded.

This event is being produced by the Unity Foundation in association with Pathways To Peace, Peace Portal, and GlobaLink TotalVision Network. When the broadcast of this historic event begins it will utilize the web sites:;;;;;; and The broadcast will include pre-produced segments and live event coverage of Peace Day activites from around the world starting on September 17th, and culminating on Sept. 21st.

The Broadcast will empower organizations and individuals to participate in the celebration, and take action to create a more peaceful, just and sustainable world. The internet content will be subtitled into multiple languages and made available for download around the world. Event producers are now seeking corporate and non-profit sponsors for funding this year's event, and it our pleasure to extend an invitation for organizations to participate.

Sponsorship Opportunities
Background & Introduction

Established by U.N. resolution in 1982, "Peace Day" has grown to include millions of people around the world who participate in a wide variety of events, large and small. Since it's inception, The International Day of Peace has been a focal point for Peacebuilding organizations to showcase, educate and advocate on behalf of the solutions they offer. Over the years, September 21st, Peace Day, has become an uniquely intergenerational and inter-community event, engaging all sectors of society including: governments, faith and non-faith groups, non-profits, universities, businesses & non-governmental organizations.

In the past few years it’s been a day of global ceasefire, which has had a tremendous impact on millions of children, especially in Afghanistan, who’ve been immunized from polio and had food delivered on this day. As the world becomes increasingly interconnected through technology, Peace Day is being adopted as a day to unite the world community on the most urgent issues of our time: climate change, the environment, hunger & poverty, social justice, & human rights. The Peace Day Broadcast is a means for further connecting these groups and educating people around the world, in support of that effort the official Peace Day 2010 Broadcast Social Community is now open at, feel free to join here.

The 2010 Peace Day Broadcast will feature live feeds from celebrations around the world starting Peace Day weekend (September 17th) intermixed with segments on the important work of our Peacebuilding partners and socially-responsible sponsors. Entertainment from people such as Annie Lennox, Yuval Ron, and Peter Gabriel will be interspersed with Youth Peace Ambassador celebrity interviews with Michael Franti, Joan Baez and others.

The broadcast is centered around the 8 United Nations Millenium Development Goals which have triggered unprecedented efforts worldwide in the fight against poverty, hunger, disease and environmental destruction. New technologies designed for improving all sectors of our society will be featured, such as "Play Pumps," a low cost solution where children play on Merry-Go-Rounds while providing water for entire African Villages. Rocket Stoves for increasing health while also decreasing demands on indigenous forests, and new ICT (Internet Telecommunications Technology) for increasing access to education, sharing culture, and improving health from Tele-medicine.

2010 Broadcast Featured Segments:
United Nations Millennium Development Goals, innovative solutions from around the world, the End Poverty 2015 Campaign, Youth Peace Ambassador Interviews, Pillar of Peace Awards, history of the United Nations International Day of Peace relating the Peace One Day and Jeremy Gilley story, and journey to the world's sacred sites.

Contact: Stephen Fantl (P) 541-306-6467 e-mail:

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