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Comment by mary rose on March 30, 2010 at 4:57pm
I forgot to mention that we are working on the website right now and it will not be possible to access the Honu International P&P at this time. But we should have everything working soon.
Comment by mary rose on March 30, 2010 at 4:55pm
Patricia, On the Future Dawning website ( we have a Portal and Pathway entitled Honu International the purpose of which is to unite the indigenous tribes worldwide. The Founder of this site and also the President of Future Dawning is Kent Mesplay, who is part Native American. It would be good for the two of you to meet and i will contact him and invite him to be a member of Green Living. .
Comment by Patricia Summers on March 30, 2010 at 11:45am
Happy Tuesday to you Gigi!!
Thank you so much for your suggestion and links, I really appreciate it!!

So many wonderful Blessings to you Gigi!!
Comment by Patricia Summers on March 29, 2010 at 2:53pm
Hiya Deborah!!
Thank you so much for sharing those posts, I will include those sites on my mailing list and send them the information on the project and documentary.
Major Blessings to you!
Comment by Patricia Summers on March 29, 2010 at 1:24pm
My name is Patricia Summers and currently reside in Bend, Oregon. I am very interested in doing a documentary on the exchange of knowledge with the Indigenous Nations and various Permaculture experts to create a blueprint for a self-sustainable community that could be adaptable according to any terrain, environment and culture.
The basic premise of the documentary is the knowledge itself, but it also creates an opportunity to flood the media and net with the historical gathering of all the Races from around the world, focusing on the significant value the Indigenous Nations hold for humanity.
That being said, everyone knows how the media works.......If this documentary is saturated across the board, yes, even to the degree of freely gifting it out to those who do not have the money, doing worldwide seminars and flooding the net........What does this do? As with everything, the "school of fish" (humanity) turns it's eye on all the hooplah yes? Especially, due to an historical event and this most assuredly would be.
Many people are beginning to wake up to the unbelievable atrocities going on with the Indigenous Nations and they are also realizing the invaluable knowledge they hold.
It is my belief by doing this desperately needed documentary, actually teaching humanity how to be proper and responsible stewards and farmers on this planet, the Indigenous Nations get the spotlight on them.......This time it is not ONLY about the horrific struggle of sovereignty or messages of warnings, although that is surely is about the value they hold as a people. It is by their actions towards one another in their communities and our planetary Host, it is their integrity and morals by example, it is their genuine concern and love for their family of Humanity and our future on this planet that will grab our attention. They are the teachers we need to learn from and I can think of no better way to do this and catapult our society into a different stage of our evolutionary growth.
Do you understand due to the perpetual attention from the modern world we could create through various forms of media, this holds the potential for sovereignty for these Nations? I invite you to contemplate on that one for a minute. If the world is receiving this knowledge from these Nations and the awareness, respect and value towards these Nations dramatically increase from the world's eye, how are their governments going to continue with their old ways of behaving towards them? When the spotlight goes on these Indigenous Nations, it goes on their governments as well!!!
Let's face it, these governments only want to be a part of the game right? And through the belief they've formed in the allowance of slaughtering and attacking their natural resources to be a member of the game, they have been going after the lands the Indigenous live on and if they don't willingly move, then they are killed or literally forced off.
What if by doing this documentary and staying on top of it by doing adding more.......let's say "a before and after" film, where people can actually see with their own eyes what can actually be produced and how much more beneficial their land, food crops and community can be........just their entire way of living?
THE KEY IS NOT TO REMOVE THE SPOTLIGHT!!! DO YOU THINK ANY GOVERNMENT, ESPECIALLY ONES THAT WANT TO BE A PART OF THE GAME SO BAD ARE GOING TO WANT TO BE CAUGHT WITH THEIR PANTS DOWN? So they want to be a part of the game? Well, then let's intelligently come up with a positive and productive avenue for them......without going into exploitation.
Is there any country that has ever come forward with the value of it's Indigenous knowledge and capitalized on it for the betterment of their country? Is there a country that prides itself on being the forerunners in maintaining ecological and environmental balance, with food production for it's citizens that is untainted.......actual real food? Is there a country that has not only learned the key to the marriage of science and Spirit pertaining to self-sustainable living and food production, but are applying it?
Well, these little Indigenous Nations are and unless you are in the field, very few know this.....let alone grasp the higher understanding of it.
Western culture is just beginning to learn of and apply a portion of the ancient techniques of agriculture they've manage to get their hands on, but there are so many tidbits and pieces of information out there, no one has ever put it all together in a format that visually shows step by step how to build a model community and live on this planet in harmony and balance with nature. The documentary holds the opportunity that takes all this one step further than what's been offered society is entering the stage of marriage between science and Spiritual practices.
Obviously, there are thousands of self-sufficient communities around the world, but they do not yet hold all the knowledge that could benefit their communities and themselves ten-fold. In addition, there are numerous Indigenous communities that have been forced off their lands into the cities because they can no longer produce food or have access to clean water, in some cases their ancestral knowledge was removed or forgotten by their Elders or keepers of knowledge, being killed decades or hundreds of years ago.
In the modern world any knowledge of proper stewardship towards this planet was thrown away due to the Industrial Age.....and let's face it, pure greed.

It's more than time we create the bridge between both worlds and bring everyone to the table to exchange and build on combined knowledge.

If you are interested in joining Wake Up Humanity in this endeavor, or wish to offer any ideas, contacts or advice, please contact me:

There are numerous opportunities to make some significant changes through this project.........I ask you....What are we waiting for?

Thank you,
Patricia Summers
Comment by Brotherhood Of Eternal Love on February 27, 2010 at 5:37am
Music is looked upon as something serious and holy, designed to purify the feelings of the people. The enthusiasm of the heart expresses itself involuntarily in a burst of song or the rhythmic movement of the body. From immemorial times the inspiring affects that moves all hearts, and draws them together, has mystified mankind.
The ancient kings made music in order to honor merit, and offered it with splendor to the Supreme Deity inviting their ancestors to be present. In the Temple folks drew near to God with music and pantomimes. The Ancestors were invited to these divine rituals as guests of the ruler of heaven and as representatives of humanity in the higher regions. This uniting of the human past with the Divinity in revering his ancestors with solemn moments of spiritual inspiration established the bond between God and man. Our first Earthdance and Theater.
Comment by D.B. Pacini on February 21, 2010 at 9:26am
Green Living Friends, please tell poets about this:

I will be co-hosting a new poetry reading series starting in March in the central valley (CA.) for Woodbridge, Lodi, Stockton, Galt poets, and for any other poets interested. There will be one featured poet given a 20 minute time slot, coffee/refreshment breaks, and a sign up sheet for poets who will be reading for five minutes each. Please tell poets in the central valley about this, the place (in Woodbridge, CA.) is very nice and the audience will be quite and attentive---it isn’t an opportunity that is often available to poets. Also, since this is a new series we can all help to build/shape it into a nurturing environment for poets and hopefully expand opportunities. I’m excited about the possibilities.

D.B. Pacini (Email:
Comment by David Harpe on February 14, 2010 at 9:54am
About the diesel cars, it seems to me that bio diesel and plug-in hybrid technology in the same car would be a good answer. As far as I know, all hybrids use gasoline, they are not even "flex fuel", and not many are plug-ins.
The nearest thing I can afford to a really green car right now is my Ford escort wagon, which can get over 30 MPG while carrying all the equipment I use in gigs. A full size sedan can't do either of those things.
Comment by Douglas kolberg on September 7, 2009 at 12:13am
CONTACT: [David Escobar at 415-933-1492]
Viviendo FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: [August 18, 2009]
Verde Ya Summit and Festival at the Pickleweed Center San Rafael CA on Saturday October 24th 2009
[San Rafael California] – As part of its continuing effort to promote health and wellness in the community, the Office of Marin County Supervisor Steve Kinsey has been working diligently with community members and grassroots organizations to convene the first Bay Area Spanish language summit on global warming. This campaign and summit will focus on the connectivity between climate change, carbon footprint, community health-equity, and living sustainably among the Latino Communities of Marin and the Bay Area.
We welcome San Francisco Bay Area community members and organizations to join us in kicking off this campaign and summit on October 24th 2009 at the Pickleweed Center in San Rafael, Marin County California.
The Marin County Board of Supervisors in partnership with Parent Services Project, KDTV Univision, KFSF TeleFutura, Binational Health Initiative, community members of the of Canal neighborhood, Marin First 5, and other community partners, we will surely make this a successful event.
Both the campaign and summit will use a multi pronged proactive approach to demystify the green-movement, sustainability, promote traditional health and wellness and green jobs among the Latino community. This new Latino-Indigenous green movement will reignite community indigenous values systems such as traditional, healing, foods, green jobs, and promoting the concepts of reducing, recycling and reusing.

As part of the Viviendo Verde Ya campaign and summit, the community has also developed the concept of “Promotoras Verdes” or “Green Promoters” whose purpose is to demystify and educate the community regarding the green movement, sustainability, ecological knowledge, health equity, physical health and global warming.

The summit itself consists of Spanish language workshops focusing on physical health, exercise, water conservation, organic food preparation, alternative energy and workshops on current and upcoming eco-legislation.
We expect that our summit efforts will create 1) an ongoing platform to showcase grass roots community members and highlight their eco-work already taking place in the community. 2) Initiate more climate change consciousness and urgency among the Latinos-Indigenous communities via green outreach or “green promotores” 3) Continue to support educational eco-workshops on such topics as watershed, energy conservation, agriculture, community health-equity and wellness, etc. by the “green promotoras”
4) conduct a membership drive to the participating green organizations or create new Latino-Indigenous base ones 5) practical immediate steps to reduce global warming such as a Bay Area once a month boycott of personal vehicles 6) energy conservation strategies and reduction of carbon footprint within each respective community 7) Educate and create a consciousness between community health-equity and global warming.
David Escobar
Aide to Supervisor Steve Kinsey
Marin County Board of Supervisors
Comment by Douglas kolberg on September 6, 2009 at 11:42pm

eco village at WEST FEST ROCKS

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