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I spent the whole entire day on Friday----- doing absolutely nothing.
I think there were some energy vampires in full gear at work this week.
Energy suckers...

And, I also had to deal with the Bailey Situation at home.
He's an energy sucker---
And, he's an energy giver.
Even when he's sucking the last drop of life outta me, he's looking at me with this face that I could just eat up.

Bailey was quite needy this week, I don't think he liked me going to work.
And, I've begun to find bones in the strangest places---like right under my pillow, on the bed.
As a matter of fact, at one point, ALL of Bailey's bones were either ON my bed or on the floor in MY room.
I think he's trying to tell me something----

He woke me at 7:30 am for 3 out of 4 days, and not one of those days did I have to get up before 9 am.
Right now, the Little Shi(f)t is scratching on the couch next to me.

But, it was a week of insights that continued into the weekend.
He's been working with me on being IN the present.
His present.
My present had quite different plans.
The Two Nows were on a collision course with destiny.
And---to add to all of this--- I'm pretty sure that Bailey is a Libra.

His owner is a Gemini---who's shacking up with a 91 year old Aries.
This is Bailey's chill out time, now, with another Libra and my beach buddy, an Aquarius.
I don't usually get on too well with other Libras---I only know one who is halfway calm and sane.
And it's not me.
And, apparently, Bailey isn't too calm, nor is he sane...
Actually, he was pretty good when we first got him....

But now, it's all about him---all the time.

In an effort to get him to leave me alone until a decent time each morning, I began to dust off my Animal Communication skills.
I searched my mind for the techniques I had learned a couple of years ago, and hadn't really used in about a year or so.
I figured that I could just communicate to him, what I wanted him to do, for me.

My sons used to ask me to communicate with our family dog all the time, back a few years ago.
It would never work when my boys would ask me to do it, like right then and there.

I'd wait until my boys were distracted doing other things, and then the fun would begin.
So, I would look into our dog's eyes---and set up a heart connection with him.
Then I would get a picture in my mind of the dog, racing up to one of the boys, jumping up on my son's lap and licking the daylights out of his face.
I would concentrate on sending that picture to our frisky and playful family dog.
And----LOL----he would actually DO it!

One time, our dog was running all over the place, back to the family room, then into the living room, then he'd gallop up the stairs, come back down.
None of us could figure out what the heck was going on.
So, I called our dog over to me, tried to calm him down, and I set up the connection with him. I asked him, silently from my heart:
"Hey, Bandit, what's going on? Why are you running all over the place?"

I started to feel a sense of him trying to tell me something---I clearly received a picture of one of his favorite toys.
With that, I realized that when I had been vacuuming earlier, I had moved all of his toys and bones onto the couch in the family room.
I then sent Bandit a picture of where all of his toys were, and said, in my heart to him, "Go look on the couch inside."
I sent him a picture, from my mind to his, of his toy, on the couch down the hall.
He gave me a head tilt to the side---then stared long and hard into my eyes.
In my head, I said, "Go get your toy, it's inside on the couch. Go get it!"
With that, Bandit raced into the family room, jumped on the couch and got his toy!

Those skills, I realized late last week, were going to be needed in order to calm the beast within Bailey.
But, my energy was so low, I wasn't too sure how it would work.
Thursday night, my only wish was to sleep a bit late on Friday, one of my days off.
I realized that my energy and stamina had been depleted.

So, I focused as best I could, through my utter exhaustion----and I sent Bailey a picture of a clock.
The clock's hands pointed to 9:30 am.
I said in my mind, and then sent it to his mind, "Don't you freakin' dare wake me up before 9:30 am, you little shi(f)t!"
For good measure, I focused on the digital numbers of the clock on the stove---9-----3----0.
Once I had those numbers firmly entrenched in all of my being, I sent those numbers to Bailey's little brain and heart.
And, just in case that didn't work, I decided to leave his crate door opened, and I let him come into bed with me.
I also put out a Pee Pad, wondering if he'd get the hint, although his owner didn't use Pee Pads.

Friday dawned, and I briefly woke up when Bailey began growling at the blinds, blowing in the breeze.
He was protecting me from the wind and the blinds, what a dog!
I closed the terrace door, and he jumped back into bed with me.
The next thing I knew, it was 10:30am!
Whatever I had done, it worked!
I spent the day, recovering and cuddling with him.
I repeated the process of focusing on the time, again on Friday night, and sending him a picture of a clock, and he let me sleep till about 10 on Saturday morning.
I was finally beginning to get some of my energy back.

As I sat with a cup of coffee Saturday morning, contemplating what I wanted to do with the day, I began to clearly see what was happening.
Every single good habit that Bailey came to me with, was being slowly but surely shifted.
I was letting him sit next to me on the couch---
I was letting him lick my fingers when I finished eating dinner---
I was letting him sleep with me---
I was letting him pull my towel off the towel rack while I took a shower each day---

Bailey's owner was depending on me to reinforce the months and months of Obedience School that he was attending.
And, my Beach Buddy was a willing participant in the destruction of Bailey's good habits as well.
My Beach Buddy has been encouraging Bailey to bite his toes and to play with his toes.
He took him in the car to pick me up from work last night---
And, last night, my Beach Buddy let Bailey lick HIS fingers after dinner...
I can just see it all now----when Bailey's rightful caretaker returns from her cruise on the Mediterranean...

But, what are vacations for?
Shouldn't Bailey be able to hang out and have his own little vacation?
He works hard!
He usually has to play by all the rules with the old lady who owns him---
And God have pity on poor Bailey----he's got to look into her eyes, daily---
And, she has perfectly shaped lavender eyebrows that she skillfully creates each day!
Yep---he needs to cut loose and let it all hang out every once in awhile and this is his time to do so.

It's amazing to me what animals pick up from us, and how they try to help us.
They give us exactly what we need and they have this innate sense about how to do that.
They can, if we let them, teach us about ourselves.
And, hopefully, we reciprocate in some small way, back to them.

While I tried to fall asleep Friday night, I became aware of Bailey curling up next to the lower part of my spine.
Right before I went into dream land, I started to think about my energy loss during the week.
Why had it happened, what could I do to prevent it from happening with that intensity again?
Then, a bit later, I woke up and he was curled up next to my tummy, my solar plexus---
Bailey also, unknown to me or I would have shooed him away, curled up next to my head.
I used to notice this with my old family dog---he would choose just the right spot on our bodies to curl up against.
It was uncanny, how he would know just the right spot to go to.

And Bailey, while wrapping us around his little paw, is also somehow---aside from playing us for the fools we are----
Bailey is doing his best to convey this---
To stay in the present, in the NOW.
I'm not really liking that it has continued to be HIS now, but how else can he teach us?
He doesn't know the stresses we adults have---or does he?
Does he sense the build-up of tensions that flood us each day?
He must and he surely believes it's his job to do something about that.

And, he's succeeding.
I feel the worries leave me, when he's curled up at my feet,
I feel a sense of calm and love when he licks my face and neck.
I feel more anchored in right now, when he throws himself on his back for me to rub his belly.

And, I like to think that I'm helping him with---
Relaxing the rules---so he can just be free---
Letting him get his way---
Allowing him to have treats for just being who he is---
Unleashing the healing spirit within him---

So, as the second week of his vacation unfolds---
I intend to allow myself to be brought into his web of NOW, to be mindful of intention, and how to release the intention so that it unfolds.

And, the Little Shi(ft) that he is, will continue to sleep with me and I will allow his healing energies to enfold me.

I must begin to get ready for work, and he's looking at me---
He's got his little head on my ankle, and he's gazing up at me with only love in his eyes---

Maybe it's not quite love----I think he wants one of his favorite bones...
Oh well...
The Shi(ft) continues...

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Comment by AkashicWreckage on April 28, 2009 at 9:38pm
Thank you, Louis.
I appreciate the encouragement and I appreciate the nudge. ;-)
Comment by AkashicWreckage on April 28, 2009 at 9:34pm
Thank you so much, Joy. I really appreciate your comments and support. I started a book about 3 years ago, and it was a very crazy experience. Most of the first 6 chapters wrote themselves---almost as if by magic. But I recall typing it all.
I've, of course, had it hanging around my mind, to try to pick it up and work on it. Now, I'm not sure if I still have it accessible on this new lap top. And, I'm not sure it will flow the way it did.
Thank you for the encouragement!
Comment by Louis Grenier on April 28, 2009 at 3:40pm
I agree with's such a pleasure to read you.
Take care! Louis
Comment by Joy Hart on April 28, 2009 at 1:03pm
What a great story and insights. Really enjoyed it. Have you written a book or are you planning one?


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