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Louis Grenier
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  • Montréal
  • Canada
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A year ago, I've spent 6 months in a sub-saharan country in Western Africa. There, in the town of Kougougou, I've worked with group of young orphans aged 16 to 23 years of age, infected or affected by the AIDS epidemic. My goal was to help them create a community supported work co-operative that would enable them to collectivily to take charge of their lifes. The co-op has shown to be a great source of hope and of empowerment.

This experience has had a profound effect on me. I am gratefull to have been reminded, in a real way, that we are all brothers and sisters.

I take this opportunity to offer you glimpses of the simple everyday magic that I have encountered and brought back within me.

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Metamorphosis: teenagers' coming of age

The “Teen Ages” are such an intense and powerful phase of our lives.

It’s definitely a period of profound metamorphosis - not only on the physical level but in every aspects of our humanity. Teen Years are the passage between childhood and adulthood. It can be quite traumatic and dramatic at times. It can also be ecstatic, great fun or deeply boring...All of the above in a same day! Things that happen while in that "cauldron of bubbling hormones" have a definite and basic… Continue

Posted on April 22, 2009 at 8:00am — 3 Comments

Mission statement

21st of april 2009

Since 1981, my life has been directed by a mission statement.

"To favour in teenagers, an awareness of their capacity and of their collective responsibility to transform their lives according to their needs and their dreams".

This statement, as simple as it is, has proven to have a power of its own. It stirs hope, awakens passions and moves mountains. It is connected. I call it my prayer.

With this statement at… Continue

Posted on April 21, 2009 at 6:00am — 4 Comments

What's happening?

8 avril 2009

I came on board a few days ago.

This is something...The first time I post a blog and the first time ever I write something that will be read by somebody else in the English language (being French Canadian myself). Actually I don’t like writing in French either and don’t when I don’t absolutely have to (that’s a lot of don’ts, don’t you think?)

First thing’s first: what am I doing here? What is exactly the purpose of this virtual community? I roamed… Continue

Posted on April 8, 2009 at 4:00pm — 5 Comments

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At 6:43am on May 25, 2009, AkashicWreckage said…
I am so sorry it has taken me this long to respond back to you! It has been two weeks of---weird stuff! My beach buddy and I do make an unusual sight---we know it and try to deal with it! LOL! I'm blessed, truly blessed, that we are such close friends.
Hope you are enjoying the weather, it's been terribly rainy where I am---yuk.
At 9:44am on May 7, 2009, AkashicWreckage said…
Just popping by to see how you're doing. Hope you are well.
At 7:15am on April 28, 2009, AkashicWreckage said…
I had heard that you all were experiencing amazing weather! Sometimes I do miss this change of seasons---here, the weather is beginning to get hot, and the humidity is again building---Oh well!
I'm sorry to hear about your computer acting up. But, the benefit of being outside far outweighs, being inside!
Hope you have a great week!
At 7:31am on April 26, 2009, AkashicWreckage said…
Hope you are enjoying beautiful weather!
I went to the beach yesterday and it was one of those top 5 days, as far as weather. An amazing breeze, and an amazing show---watching pelicans diving and swooping around the waves.
Have a blessed day!
At 8:09am on April 22, 2009, AkashicWreckage said…
I just love all of this! I'm sitting here--with this little piece of---oh this nice little doggie bugging me--- listening to your music---what a terrific time we live in!
That we can all connect with others---listen to the music that touches them, have it touch us.
We can see the pictures they have captured of the beauty of other people, or the images they have chosen to capture and share with us.
I have to figure out a way to get a few of the songs in my iTunes library on my page, and this brain of mine needs time to do that!
Have a day filled with wonder and awe!
At 9:14pm on April 21, 2009, AkashicWreckage said…
Love the new song you've put up here.
I also wanted to tell you again how much you have captured in your photos. The energy of purpose, intent and the dreams, come through so strongly.
At 8:14pm on April 16, 2009, AkashicWreckage said…
I hope your walk was filled with insights and dreams!
It's a hard question~~~I was almost half remembering, a bit earlier this evening, having started to answer the question. I'm pretty sure that I ended up by distracting myself from answering the question.
Sometimes I hate when I do that to me---
At 9:28am on April 16, 2009, AkashicWreckage said…
Oh, I almost forgot---when are YOU going to make another blog post? I would love to hear about your travels, and I'm sure others would as well.
At 8:58am on April 16, 2009, AkashicWreckage said…
I do suppose that where I am, might be viewed as "heaven," and often I do feel that way---the weather can be amazing!
I'm glad that your mom is able to move into this part of her life with such a wonderful outlook!
My mom is almost 83, and I live far away from her and the rest of my family. She, too, has a really good perspective on her life, and "stuff," and that makes it a bit easier for me to be where I am.
I hope to get up to visit her soon, but I'll wait for summer, when it won't be so cold in New York!
Have a wonderful day!
At 7:29pm on April 15, 2009, AkashicWreckage said…
Aahhh, well, cold now to me is when it dips waaaaaay down into---oh---like---the lower 60's. ;-)
Hope you had a nice visit with your mom.


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