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  • Legalize Hemp !

    31 members Latest Activity: Jul 30, 2012

    Think Anew..Act Anew ! "See" A New Green Earth !!! It is time that hemp, which can be used for items ranging from paper products to carpets, from…

  • World March for Peace and Non Violence

    17 members Latest Activity: May 6, 2012

  • Architects from the UK

    33 members Latest Activity: Oct 16, 2013 Attempting to form a group in Uk we are in North Somerset "To talk, meet, support, debate, LAUGH, LOVE, appreciate and encourage each other to…

  • Words Poems & Shorts Stories

    136 members Latest Activity: Apr 26, 2015 A place to post or read poems or short stories written by members


    11 members Latest Activity: Mar 25, 2012 This is an international group of collaborators for positive change working with Music and the Artes to implement those changes, bringing awareness,…

  • Gratitude

    202 members Latest Activity: Dec 15, 2015 A place to give thanks for the large or small things we are grateful for.

  • Miracles in Life

    42 members Latest Activity: Feb 9, 2013 Open arena for thoughts and stories throughout life that strike you as more than everyday occurences. Near death, past-life, child-hood memories that…

  • Strange Moments in Consciousness

    21 members Latest Activity: Mar 13, 2014

  • Native American Wisdom

    1 member Latest Activity: Mar 12, 2015

    A collection of sayings, quotes and words of wisdom reflecting the beliefs and philosophy of the Native Americans, and the teachings from…


    2 members Latest Activity: Jan 30, 2014

    Coming into each incarnation seemingly fresh and unscathed, is a deception. In reality we carry cellular wounds from past lives as well as…

  • Activated people!

    11 members Latest Activity: Jul 28, 2014

    This is one task Carlos suggested.

    let's begin to move meet ourselves.

    every corner of the world we can meet in airport by…

  • Philosophy

    24 members Latest Activity: Dec 31, 2015

    be a friend of wisdom :p

  • Love Gives Hope

    10 members Latest Activity: Jan 17, 2015 I would like to get some Love Gives Hope Music, Art and Sport Festivals initiated around the globe...and have a Woodstock type Festival at SPAC in…

  • Quick! gimme your smile!

    6 members Latest Activity: Jul 28, 2014

    Post just your photo with you smiling :o)

    Let's make a beautiful smile gallery!

    Do NOT…

  • Diane O'Neill

    5 members Latest Activity: Jan 2, 2013

    I'm Interested in using sound and crystals for interplanetary communication.  To  design a way to bridge the gap and allow for ease & clarity…

  • Angel Heart Radio®

    8 members Latest Activity: Jul 23, 2012 Authentic conversations that change lives .. that is what the Angel Heart Radio Network® is all about. Spread your wings...

  • the Gathering

    25 members Latest Activity: Feb 13


    ToGether ~


    In Spirit, Mind, Purpose &Voice


    Insight &…

  • Divine Openings - Los Angeles

    2 members Latest Activity: Jan 25, 2011 Divine Openings is different, so you cannot compare it to anything else. Right now if your mind is struggling to stuff it in some box with something…


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