Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

Mission Statement

AOAND is a project inspired by Carlos Santana, to create a new global network, featuring uplifting and positive media content.  We wish to inspire, uplift, engage, and transform the global community through music and positive media, and help bring about a world where we choose peace over conflict and love over fear.

  Welcome from Carlos Santana

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A Message from Carlos Santana

Imagination is tangible~ Inner vision is divine ~

Imagination is tangible Inner vision is divine will Spiritual intent transforms ignorance Like the sun dispel darkness Music brings peace joy love unity and harmony GOD's holiness is in everything with everyone and for all Gratitude appreciation and thankfulness Are the weapons of mass compassion Glory to GOD in heaven And peace on earth to all mankind Slow -MO with clarity makes us Travel faster than the speed of light And our destination is a love supreme Peace


Latest Activity

Mary Rose Hampton posted a status
"My group -is starting an organization entitled PEACE IS THE PATH and LOVE IS THE WAY and we want to make AOAND our home base."
Feb 13
Shakti Meditation posted a video

Kundalini Meditation Music Awakens You into Bliss | Kundalini Yoga Music by Kip Mazuy

See the underwater sea life of New Zealand while listening to Meditation Music that makes you blissful! The music transmits the energy of bliss (Kundalini Shakti) making it easy for you to feel really good. The video footage is from freediving off…
Feb 13
Yuri Smirnov posted a blog post

Permaculture tool, recommended by Sepp Holzer

Sepp Holzer is one of my favorite permaculturists. In his recent book, Desert or Paradise on two pages Sepp recommends the Fokin hoe (Russian flat-cutter or ploskorez Fokina). Vladimir Fokin is the name of the inventor of this tool. It does not look like much, but the great Sepp Holzer says it saves him loads of time, Please watch this video to see it in use: …See More
Feb 13
Walter Earl left a comment for Luix Saldaña
"Hello...everyone ..just stop by to show sum luv..and hope that u all could make my show.....have a great week!...Hello...Cris you got to come to the show...u and kelly"...have a great day!.....COMING SOON...THE WALTER EARL GROUP…"
Feb 11
Jenny Gilbert left a comment for Luix Saldaña
"Hey Luix, I seldom have a chance to come online for AOAND so sorry I haven't responded. Seychelles is about 1,000 miles from anywhere - right in the middle of the Indian Ocean Islands. It's made up of 115 islands of which many are…"
Feb 11
Shakti Meditation posted a video

Key to Self Realization & The Importance of Kundalini Shakti

Do you feel the bliss in this video? Take the time to meditate with it, listen to it, and see if you feel something really good. Talk on self realization and how you can surrender your sense of separateness and move into the feeling that everything…
Feb 11
Luix Saldaña posted a video


Omecihuatl and Ometecuhtli original deities of the Toltecs universal duality, created Quetzalcoatl, Tezcatlipoca, Huitzilopochtli, and Xipe Totec. In its turn, they created the earth and its nature, then created four consecutive ill-fated…
Feb 11
Luix Saldaña posted a status
"Hola; i wan to share this video"
Feb 10


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