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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

Mission Statement

AOAND is a project inspired by Carlos Santana, to create a new global network, featuring uplifting and positive media content.  We wish to inspire, uplift, engage, and transform the global community through music and positive media, and help bring about a world where we choose peace over conflict and love over fear.

  Welcome from Carlos Santana

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A Message from Carlos Santana

Imagination is tangible~ Inner vision is divine ~

Imagination is tangible Inner vision is divine will Spiritual intent transforms ignorance Like the sun dispel darkness Music brings peace joy love unity and harmony GOD's holiness is in everything with everyone and for all Gratitude appreciation and thankfulness Are the weapons of mass compassion Glory to GOD in heaven And peace on earth to all mankind Slow -MO with clarity makes us Travel faster than the speed of light And our destination is a love supreme Peace


Latest Activity

Yuri Smirnov commented on Yuri Smirnov's blog post Russian valenki against European Gas Crisis
Yuri Smirnov posted a blog post

Russian valenki against European Gas Crisis

Hey folks, sharing my new article about Valenki. Russian traditional felt boots may help to survive European gas crisis and may be a precious gift for yourself, your children and family: More
Shakti Meditation posted a video

The Most Important Question for Spiritual Liberation | How to Be Free from Karma

What's the most important question to ask yourself on your spiritual journey? By asking yourself this question and living by your answer, your whole attitude to life changes. You stop creating more karma and move towards your own liberation. Hope…
Oct 15
Shakti Meditation posted a video

When You Forget Yourself There is Only Joy: How to Realize Pure Awareness in Meditation

Here's a simple technique to do at the start of your meditation to become free of your past: For when you become completely free of your past in meditation, you are freed into supreme bliss. This makes for a powerful meditation and transmission. May…
Oct 7
Shakti Meditation posted a video

How Bliss (Shakti) Frees You from All Suffering in Meditation | Kundalini Meditation

Why is bliss the most important factor to meditation and liberation? The beautiful thing about bliss is that it does not matter what mood you are in or what situation you are in. Bliss transcends all outer experience, frees you from suffering and…
Sep 30
Yuri Smirnov posted a blog post

Your help can make a difference

Dear friends, We just started a fundraising with hope that our friends and people of kindred spirit can help us to make our dream come true. Here is the details: Would you support our fundraising by sharing the links (GoFundMe, Ecominded) and pictures with your firends and in social networks?…See More
Sep 30
Shakti Meditation posted a video

The Power Of Self Acceptance | Everything is One Infinite Drunken Bliss | Spiritual Awakening

This meditation video takes you into full self-acceptance, where you can realize the One Infinite Joy that is the essence of everything. Make sure to watch it on an empty stomach so you can go deep into the bliss being shared in this video. May it…
Sep 23
Shakti Meditation posted a video

The Experience of Bhava Samadhi & The 2 Biggest Obstacles to Enlightenment

I keep watching this meditation video over and over and hope you will feel the bliss in it too. It’s about the experience of Bhava Samadhi and the process of how to go into it. Hope you enjoy it ❤
Sep 18


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