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Coming into each incarnation seemingly fresh and unscathed, is a deception. In reality we carry cellular wounds from past lives as well as through the bundle of beliefs garnered from the womb on.

If on a scale of 1 to 10, you feel what you have suffered is only a 2 ~ not worthy of concern or attention ~ then it is time to rethink your status. Your pain at a level 2 is just as valid and in need of healing as the person suffering a level 10.

The gentle loving Principles of Attitudinal Healing will guide you whenever peace of mind eludes you. If you need confrontation or to be battered to make changes ~ this is not the group for you.

Dr.Gerald Jampolsky introduced Attitudinal Healing. It is a process ~ not a quick fix. It only requires a little willingness to see differently.

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An Introduction to Attitudinal Healing



The concept of Attitudinal Healing is based on the belief that nothing outside 

of ourselves can cause us to be upset, hurt, angry or fearful.  Employing the

premise that each instant provides us with a new opportunity to re-examine

our life and choose again what it is we want to experience ~ love or fear,

peace or conflict.  Within our mind we can change the painful, negative and

guilty thoughts by affirming that when we let go of fear, only love remains,

which is the most potent healing force in the world.


The very foundation of Attitudinal Healing is that we are not victims of the

world we see, and that we are only victims of our thoughts.  Further, it is

based upon the principles that we are not only responsible for our own

thoughts, we are also responsible for whatever feelings those thoughts



Attitudinal Healing involves correcting our miss-perceptions and removing

the obstacles to our experiencing peace..  It is based on having a

willingness to find another way to look at the world, life and death.

It is based on having peace of mind as our only goal by having the willingness

to forgive and place not value in holding on to grievances, blaming others,

or condemning ourselves.


Attitudinal Healing is based on the belief that the purpose of all contact is

meant to join, not separate from one another.  Therefore, each encounter is

a Holy encounter and provides the opportunity to ask oneself, "Do I

want to be right or happy?"


Attitudinal Healing is about healing our unhealed relationships, expressing

the same interest in others as we do in ourselves.  It allows us to recognize that

our true reality is one in which all minds and hearts are joined as one, and

that our real identity is that the essence of our being is love. 


It is a process not a subject.

Whereby we learn to accept love and extend love unconditionally with no

demands, expectations or assumptions.  Each day brings the opportunity

to be tender, gentle and kind to yourself and others.

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Comment by Violette Ruffley on June 29, 2022 at 6:36pm

Back in 1994, while living in Costa Rica, I co-facilitated a weekly class in Attitudinal Healing.  What I most enjoyed was having the particpants write down their grievences on a sheet of paper.  We would build a fire and then they would throw those papers into the fire.


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