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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

brain is most important part of our organism.

it creates emotions, ideas.

it's a "machine" in constant maintenance.

thing we learned early are stuck into us.......

as time passes by we have experience which shape us.

we are subject to tension (voltage) and other solicitation (current)......

first step is recognizing to be wrong.

the hypotesis is that I am too weak......

escaping from family is an attitude to avoid me to moulden over your parent's shoulders.

our public mental health system has in charge 2500 cases on a total of 250000 inhabitants......1% are a few......there must be ill people not under the public service surveillance......

started as insomnia now i sleep to forget the world.......

forget or forgive? after a long time you take slleping tablet you are assured to sleep no more........after peaking on coffes you are assured to live in total asteny.....

we desume that public health service has to deal with more cases than now but resolving or controlling for a better course of the ilness to the way of recovery.

service has to show that fears are unimportant "you can't go to work if you are afraid to be poisoned" at the moment i go to work with a few tension but under deep sedative side effects........

how can we find a midway between curing eliminating the sufference and abilifying our good qualities?

with words art, we can find confort also in symilar people or volounteers which are not afraid of the psychical disease bearer. 




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yes the change is possible when you forgive the past but you don't forget it at the same time (wisdom)

change your habits change yourself.......

there's a triangle: change , die, stay the same.

the chose is the first and the third ..... change in your life.....but there are somethings in your life you can't change.

I admire the ones who change without changing life..........for example you Carlos : you are always a musician but every single performance is different ; this diversity helps your life to be more dinamic but everytime is like the first time.....and delights our ears and always surprise our soul..............

the absence of diversity causes man to collapse before you learned styles and practiced......then assumed it for granted you started a new life with always original interpretation of the same concept.....

you are an example of perfect frame of mind........but to do such a thing you need much "fuel" otherwise i collapse indeed


don't be afraid to comment just take a piece from here and there.....

your comments are free, no offense in it.

the friend has the courage to say to you "you are wrong"

the friend is someone wich doesn't want nothing back in turn.

Members on this network are too detached and stuck on themselves (me included)

take the time to hear others ..... write only if really inspired .... make questions if you can't understand ..... it's easier to close a page than trying to feel compassion for it.

Two speeds you have. try to be balanced between them : there's the survival speed: at wich you satisfy your elementary needs and another speed at wich you can literary "burn yourself" wich is compassion: you can't run all day neither with only one neither with the other one.

sleeping is a very important moment or re-organization also if could be considered unproductive.

find your equalibrium, take the time for the intro and the outro.

blessed is the man who can connect every day to his own life.......who lives his full life inside each and every day: doing so you become don't even need to retire or doing vacation. 

this is an hot and unconvenient topic, i know.....

we shouldn't be sad in considering our limits.....and be less ambitious....

ore brain is interconnected with thoughts and actions with other brains.

the brain is a fantastic world and the soul is in the center of it.

I am afraid to dig into a topic and become too specialized in something because on the way I am afrad to find myself in a mirror.

i refuse to be excellent on one topic because my mind is aways seeking new emotions.

it's like being a bag leaking water you won't be able to fill it all and neither can accumulate so much water in it because the tank is finite itself.

like water, thoughts and emotions permeate our mind.

plus it can be that some old water never leaks out and some fresh goes out soon as it enter the bag.

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