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Hello after reading a recent post I decided to share this exercise in forgiveness, years ago when I first learned it, I was helped a lot.
1. Select a quiet place to sit, and a time you can be alone.
2. Sit comfortably, preferably with your spine straight. Don't cross your arms or legs, let the energy flow.
Relax your neck and shoulders. Breath slowly into your abdomen until you feel the wave of relaxtion wash over you.
3. Move your attention to your heart and move your breathing through your heart. Breath in love and breath out love. The mentally direct the next breaths of love to your emotional body, feeling them like a cool and soothing breeze. Then in your mental self feel added clarity and with each breath.
4. Surround yourself with pure light and that you are blessed by spirit and your healing is for the highest good.
5. In your minds eye create an altar made of light, design it any way you like. It is made of the higest and purest substance in the universe. Your subconcious mind knows that an altar means sacrifice and release. This symbol is quickly transmitted to your inner mind.
6. Place the person you want to forgive on the altar of light. Visualize the light moving through every cell of his form. Direct your heart to surround this person as you say. "I forgive you for all your trangressions, real or imagine, remembered or unremembered, from this lifetime or any other."
7. Now dissolve that image into the light
8. Now place yourself on the altar of forgiveness and see yourself bathed in healing light
say to yourself: "I forgive myself for any negative energy I have held against, ____________. use their name. real or imagined, remembered or unrembered, from this lifetime or any other.
Now let yourself be completely dissolved in the light
9. The last step is important. Express you gratitude to spirit for its aid and empowering energy. Thank
spirit as you see fit.
10. Gently bring yourself back to a concious state.
11. Take good care of yourself for the next 24hours or so and drink plenty of water.

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