Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

Two thousand years ago, at the beginning of the cycle of Pisces, we were given the message to wake up......Are you awake yet?
     One aspect of consciousness programming is the collective dream that is produced after the frame or structure of the program has been set in place.....The potential of what can be. The easiest way to explain this is when a new cycle begins there is a shift of consciousness created and this is based on several factors, one being the vibratory level of frequencies that come from the galactic center and the tilt of degrees and alignments of the planets in our solar system. Another being the intent that humanity has called forth on it's evolutionary cycle and another being what humanity creates within it. Between all these factors, it creates a program....a
holographic program on this planet. Upon our incarnation, it truly is
just like stepping into the holodeck program on Star Trek.
     Now because we are all interconnected and there is no degree of separation on all levels of our being, there exists this thing we call the mass
consciousness or collective mind. It is by the collective beliefs, intents, behaviors and desires that WE create the reality within the program down here, for the program shifts in accordance to what humanity or the collective mind of humanity needs to bring to itself the most to learn or rather, remember in it's evolutionary process.
The testimony of this exists with the manifestation of the condition of our
world and lives. I invite you to turn around and take a look at the last
2000 years.......What do you see?
     At this time humanity is awakening from the dream or program it created for itself long ago. In fact, as a collective mind, we are beginning to realize the truth of the reality we've been in. We are awakening from the old Collective Dream.
Yes, we would like to blame the one's in control who have more than gone
out of their way to ensure they are behind the Mother Board pushing all
the buttons down here, keeping us nicely tucked away in our Hamster's
wheel in the name of progress and prosperity......the world of materialism and the primitive mindset of survival. Yes, they did their job well!
     Here is when the light bulb might want to flicker on......We didn't have to play their game folks, but we fell for it hook, line and sinker. Do you know why? Because at some point there was a certain quantity of people that decided they wanted to begin looking through the eyes of another instead of themselves. When we do this, we follow the guidance of others instead of ourselves, which literally hands them control and after so many decades or centuries pass.....Voila! We find ourselves as a species lost in who or what we truly are and what the heck we are doing here....This of course brings
us to the $64,000 question's....or has it gone up by now? lol..........
What is our purpose? Why are we here? All the what's and why's we have asked for countless centuries.
     Now, I don't know if any of you remember this, but it is all in the numbers........the quantity that constitutes the Mass and the direction it goes.....very much like a school of fish or herd of sheep. If there is a large enough portion or quantity of the Mass that desires to go a certain direction,
the majority will automatically follow......all is connected.
     We all have heard about the 144,000 that needed to awaken to offer
humanity the opportunity to ascend or cross the threshold of the cycle
of birth and death. Okay, humanity has more than achieved this.......Now
what? What do we do now? We turn our focus away from the old programs
and create a new Dream.........a new program.........a new reality.
And it begins within each and every human being.
     Part of the Shift of consciousness programming is those who have awakened are now leading the school of fish, though many don't fully comprehend this new reality.......nor do they fully hold the greater understanding the degree of power they have, on an individual basis and collective. It's like someone who was just freed from jail, they don't fully comprehend it.... because they have been conditioned to
believe they are no longer in control.....Their shackles are physically
removed, but the individual can still feel them there. This is one of
the reasons why so many who are imprisoned find it extremely difficult
to adapt to the outside world and end up going back because they feel so
lost out there due to their conditioning or programming.
     In so many respects humanity is feeling the same. Those who have awakened feel this new found freedom that in reality was always there, but we allowed ourselves to be convinced otherwise. We are beginning to taste the power we hold within to manifest changes and alter our reality........we
are beginning to understand how the programs work. We are beginning to
remember we are the Creators of our world and the control has always and
forever been within the palms of our hands to direct it where we wish
to go.
     That being said, as a Collective Mind of humanity it would behoove us to be on the same page networking together in unity, peace, respect and love. Remember the numbers matter?
     Speaking of numbers and the amount of people awakening....It brings to mind what Bush did to cover his rear end and Washington's with the whole setup of concentration camps, the Patriot Act and Homeland Security scenario.
     America doesn't realize their own government is so afraid of the mass, they believed they needed to set up some kind of insurance policy for
themselves........For if the American people woke up and found out what
it's government was really doing here and abroad, there would surely be
an uprising and they were fully aware of this.
It's always been about the numbers and which direction the school of fish chooses to go folks!!
     This is the most wonderous, beautiful episode in our true history and it surely is a time to be together as One Family to celebrate!!  The Races of Humanity are reuniting as one Mind with the same intention on the path of peace, beauty and harmonious co-existence with all.
We are breaking free of the illusions down here.......programs we believed to be truth and obediently followed as the good little sheeples we believed we had to be. The more this reality solidifies within our psyche, the more we will
realize WE hold the power to change whatever we desire........the more
we come forward and wear it....the more we will be it.

                         I love you my Brothers and Sisters so very much........

                                 Know you are free to weave a new Dream!
                                                        Patricia Summers

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...powerful,Patricia....thank you.It has mantra quality. one love dp
One Love Brother!!

Have a fantastic weekend!

The Dreaming People said:

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...powerful,Patricia....thank you.It has mantra quality. one love dp

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