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Clear Creek Festival For Peace And Freedom

Hello Folks;


I just wanted to open up a dicussion here concerning the upcoming

Clear Creek Festival For Peace And Freedom.


This was a dream of fellow aoand member Douglas Kilburg and friends.

This festival will be a 10 day event with music, art, dance, food and peace.

The festival will be broadcast around the world on Peace Day TV and other channels

or stations.

Musicians from Europe will be performing, as well as singer songwriters / artists from Nashville, New York and other regions of the USA. Local musicians and artists will be there as well. The Hopi and Navaho nations will be represented by musicians and dancers.

These fine people will also be helping to make sure there is food for one and all.

Many fine artists will be there with paintings, sculptures, etc..

There is a buzz happening and there is a Woodstock vibe to this event.


Alan Moore and the Musicians for Peace have been a big part of this effort and will be represented.

It is my opinion that it is time for us to get together and chill in the desert.

Spread a little love, sleep under the stars, and enjoy this beautiful and spiritual place,

together. This is also a time to remember 9 / 11, on it's 10th Anniversary


The Winslow, Arizona and surrounding areas have opened up there arms and hearts

to all of us. Lets give something back...

With some 200 million potential  tv viewers, why would you not want to be on


Hope to see some of you there. Hope to hear from you as well.


Peace; Garry Jackson

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