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We have until May 5th to raise funds and we need your help!
Please spread this around!
The 300 Acres project is attempting to raise  $73,000 in 60 days to save 300 acres of
ancestral land for the Amazanga/Quichua people in Puyo, Ecuador.

   This  campaign is to raise awareness of the threat of
encroachment on indigenous
people by oil, logging, and mining developers.

We have until May 5th to
raise funds
and we need your help! So far we have raised $20,000
in less
than 30 days - so we know if we can get the word out we can definitely
do this! We've partnered with non-profit  Natural Villages
to offer
tax deductible donations.

If we do not attain the full amount by the May 5th then we will buy other parcels of land with the amount we have raised. However, the main 300 acre parcel of land will be purchased
by a
that is interested in dividing the land - potentially cutting down the
old growth trees and mining the land. This is of course
explicitly against the wishes of the Amazanga people.

This project was inspired by Flavio Santi, healer and advocate for the Amazanga people. Your donation will go towards not only purchasing the
acreage but will also help the Amazanga shamans, healers, teachers, and
children realize their dream of developing the School of Guayusa
- their school of natural medicine and healing. This will also be a
place where cultures from all over the world can come to learn how to
take care of the forest and share their own sacred ways.

Words from Flavio Santi...

"Our community is now working to save 300 acres of sacred jungle to protect against threats and
destruction, and to build a new center for the School of Guayusa, the
ancient school of nature. The School of Guayusa is a place to preserve
and share ancestral wisdom, natural healing, herbal medicine, the
ancient traditions of spiritual communion with the forest, and the
reconnection between humankind and mother earth."

Please help if you can by donating at  The best way to donate is on our Razoo page where we will be assessed no processing fees! You can
also help by joining us on Facebook and Twitter - spreading the word is just as valuable as



The 300 Acres team and the Amazanga community in Puyo, Ecuador

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