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A Celebration of Women has received a thought filled message, one that deserves debate.






Is the name above apporpriate for a world legislation on Violence against Women?


Please read this following message and leave your comments.


"Subject: HR 4594 IVAWA

Dear Catherine ~
I have seen many petitions and calls for support of HR 4594 or "The International Violence Against Women Act" . I do understand this is the short title of the legislation but it seems to be the title used on most websites, including the Amnesty International site. Words are so very powerful and to see the words " support international violence against women act " all strung together, just does not sit well at all. Friends all feel the same and many of us have felt strong soul reactions to the use of this title.
We understand the intention of the legislation but none of us can understand why these are the words we see all over the internet when there are so many intelligent bright souls working for the prevention of violence against women..
I was curious if you have had any feedback regarding this amongst your members and how you feel about the energetics of these words being used to get the message across to the masses.
Gratitude and good wishes,


On behalf of Michele and A Celebration of Women,

 I thank each and everyone for participation.


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