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I would like to add a discussion about just how healing music can be - how has music helped heal you?

All night I have been sitting here with my new friend from Florida in a guest house in Germany listening to the music on Phillip's page. We are here doing infrared light/photon treatment for Lyme disease. We just met here and my new friend has doubts about ever getting better and is not feeling totally well. She could not sleep so we played the music on Phillips page until late at night and it truly made her feel better and of course me too. Music is healing! If you have not already done so check out the healing music on Phillip's page.

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Hey Marinspin,

Great topic! There is just not enough that one can say about music!

While away there were 2 songs that dominated my head during "silent meditation." Those being:

1) "A Love Supreme" (Act 1), John Coltrane
2) "Astral Traveling", Pharoah Sanders

Phillip and I were talking about the later before I left, so I guess that's why the later stuck.

When I kick the bucket, I'm going to request the first to be played at the gig when they put my dust in the ocean. For me music is life, and yet another way to get over the pain of living. A way to rejoice, and to be free. Of late I have not seen much music live, but I used to. And soon I hope to get back on the scene.

The musical artist can speak the language of the heart, and express what most of us really only wish we could say.

You and Phil need to tell the rest of us how to get the music player going, and where are the sites for free to relatively inexpensive downloads. I have a youtube account, but I don't know if that would work. I will share with you all some of my favorites (there are MANY)!

that's great..I hope your friend is feeling better! Good luck with treatment!
Thanks Amy! Tomorrow is my second treatment.
yes... "music is life" ...that is certainly true for me...
so many different sounds to blend together to make the perfect sound-drink in any given moment, any situation - glad you discovered some that helped you and your friend!
and perhaps, when you return, you could treat yourself to a keyboard, and make some recordings for yourself that will be just what you want to have...making the healing music can be very soothing and balancing as well as hearing it, and a lot of fun, too - very "user-friendly" gadgets these days to create with

be well, be light!

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