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Heart, Soul And a Beat

From the time indigenous peoples around the world began to drum out their tribal beat they heard the sound that touched their hearts, dug into their souls and made them want to dance to the beat and it hasn’t changed in thousands of years.

Ancient mystics and philosophers alike agree that we human beings are the body electric, a vibrating soul in a human uniform and when we become attuned to the vibration of music we prefer, we are in essence one and the same.

Music is indeed part of us. When we are suffering, we look to music to soothe our pain, when happy and excited we want to turn it up and stomp out the beat and when we have thoughtful moments awaiting expression, the Classics speak to us. Since the advent of recorded music there has never been a couple that has not had their own timely romantic song that spoke of them during their courtship. No movie in modern times was ever produced without a musical composition for which the movie would always be timelessly remembered.

In the workplace, music carries us along from task to task. When we need to push to reach the highest mark in any achievement, a special song goes with it. To each and every one of us there is music that is unique to our own taste and style and yet we are sympathetic in our likes and dislikes with others whom we feel in fellowship with, thus we vibrate in tune with our global partners both near and far.

Historically music played an interesting role during the Apollo Space Program when our American astronauts were awakened from their restful sleep in space to our unique brand of a wake up call with the sound of 2001 A Space Odyssey. Our Fourth of July parades wouldn’t be complete without music and we all appreciate not only the local high school band, however, a parade is just not perfect without the special tune of a military marching band as well. And even to the end we say goodbye with the ever-memorable song; Amazing Grace.

There can be no doubt that music and humanity share a symbiotic relationship. When we need quiet and relaxation we seek the sound of ocean waves to bring and ebb and flow into our minds. In moments of exuberance when we are excited the roar of the War of 1812 may seem appropriate and in times of seeking wisdom and contemplation we need look no further than John Lennon’s, “Imagine There’s No Heaven.”

Today, though the tribes of our ancestors who developed our first beat are gone, we are moving forward and developing new sounds, be they in natural or computer generated forms. From Hi-Fidelity to IPOD every ear around the world hears its own special song and we know no one in this century will ever live anywhere without hearing music.
From the heart of a lyricist, the soul of a creative mind and the beat that matches the medley, music is us and we are one with it.

Petra Nova Challus

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Ani has some interesting thoughts...

On Earth As It Is In Heaven
Ani Williams, Copyright © November 2007

“…to penetrate the mysteries of music is to prepare for initiation into those fathomless mysteries of man and cosmos.”
Joscelyn Godwin, professor of music at Colgate University.

A Musical Universe

We live in a musical universe. Even the word itself is telling…uni-verse, meaning one song. Everything in creation is singing, and all of Earth’s life forms can be identified by their frequencies. String theory, which is being called the Holy Grail of modern physics, gives us an explanation: The fundamental particles of matter once thought of as one dimensional particles, are actually tiny vibrating strings. Similar to the strings of a violin, each particle of creation has resonant frequencies at which they tend to vibrate. String theory presents us with a unified field of singing strings, many tones within the one song.

Harpist of Maat, Tomb of Ramesses III,
British Library

“Received by the Harpist of the Gate, the Adept has entered by the virtue of music….and here is a magic whose fragrances liberate the initiated hero’s soul from all the bonds accumulated by reason….He approaches the meadows of dream, the ladders of incense, the glades of the Western constellations…

Before the eyes of his spirit, the hieroglyphic alphabet of the Intelligible World scintillates in scattered stars against the crystal horizons. The fragrances of music are columns of magic smoke. A young lake of perfumes, blossoming with water-lilies, rises out of the subterranean night and becomes for him the whole sea.

And here a note springs forth in purity from the invisible sources of the land of life. It is the fountain of the infinite. It is a new language. Like the light, it is the daughter of the breath which gave it birth…

And the Adept…now holds in his right hand the key of power and of happiness. By the irresistible force, rightly directed, of the harmonics of sound….he can flatten the menace of Jerichos’s impregnable walls, or raise serenely, like Amphion with the sound of his lyre, the walls of Thebes whose stones came and placed themselves in rhythm and in meter, one on top of the other.

By the science of the rhythm of the universe, he has become the equal of the Demiurge on the first day of creation.”

Extracts from a treatise on the Egyptian afterlife by Mardus, ‘La Toute-Puissance de l’Adepte’,
‘The Mystery of the Seven Vowels’ by Joscelyn Godwin, Colgate University.
Sometimes it is the long periods of silence, which invite forth the muse. Periods of quiet open up a potential across which the charge of energy can express itself. Indeed the music fills our lives and touches our souls, gratefully I welcome the silence too.

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