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Is climate change is nothing but a "hoax" that has been perpetrated out of the scientific community? And how can anyone justify failing to act this global call when even lawmakers around the world were not united to make a well-studied solutions for this existential threat to mankind.

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This is no hoax. Look at the melting of the northern ice caps. As a child in the Phillipines would you have ever worried about in a Tsunami? How about now?

Check Al Gore's Video: "An Inconvenient Truth"

Here's a youtube link:

From what I can determine, virtually everyone agrees that climate change is occurring. The debate seems to be whether humans are causing the change, or whether this is a naturally occurring phenomenon.

If Global warming is not caused by humans, it seems a rather large "coincidence" that accelerated Global warming is so closely coinciding with human population growth and industrialization.

Even if this is part of some natural cycle, I suspect that humans are likely exacerbating the situation – potentially to a fatal extent.
I believe we should each act on the call for climate change/global warming according to our own reactions as to the urgency for necessary change. We have been hearing about the over-use of fossil fuels for many years now, its rapid depletion, and the disastrous effects its use is having on the planet.
I believe we should read up on its effects and start to make a change in our own mindset, in our own use of fossil fuels, and replace our sources of power with renewable energy systems. There are many countries/areas around the world which are blessed with year-round acess to sunlight, trade winds and abundant water supplies, and yet most of us just "go with the flow", instead of speaking out for change, or replacing our use of fossil fuels for the generation of power.
If we, each of us, make an effort to either speak out for renewable power resources, or invest in that change in our own lives, then we can make a lasting change in the mindset of governments the world over, and help in the effort to clean up our act as a planet, and make the world a healthier place for those who come after us; we need to leave the world a better place for our having lived in it, or our lives will have been wasted
You have a valid point about questioning the validity of climate change. I do not believe it is a hoax, however. This has been happening for a long time; it is only recently scientists have called our attention to it. I am sorry to say that leaders of countries and lawmakers are not likely to address this with unity. They have other agendas on their minds. This is sad, because whenever we all begin to really see with our own eyes the demise of this planet, it will be too late. The lawmakers will see it also and most likely wish they had united globally to take aggressive action to try to stop this. The bottom line is: we are ALL in this together.
Who knows whether the human race is responsible, at least in part, for Global warming, or is it a ntural progression of the sun's cycle? Regardless, I dont think we should do anything to make the situaition worse, but rather to do what we can to make things better for the planet

Losfer Words said:
This past year NASA and about 3100 other scientists and meteorologist have said there is growing evidence that the global warming aspect of climate change is caused mostly by the sun, with human activity only contributing about 2% to it, everything from Solar Flares, and magnetic storms on the sun, to simply the sun now being halfway through its life cycle and gradually growing larger over time (as all stars eventually do).

If that is the case there is little we can do. And taxing the public to fix the problem certainly will do no good, unless the sun has a coin slot and a dimmer switch that no one has told us about.
Our need to live sustainably has had its mascots before... currently, its global warming... in the late 80's and early 90's it was the spotted owl.
Do we really need to look further than right where we are to see that we are living out of balance with the natural order of earthly life? Do we need to argue who did it or even thoroughly analyze what it is? see that its wrong?
Do we really need to fund more research to prove the obvious? ...or is that the result of another sort of motive?
just asking the question sells out your soul.

the real question is - what is the quality of life to be like in the future and for how many?
which model is the model your leaders are talking of: a 2 billion person world, a 4 billion person world, or a six billion person world.
for me and my bias - is towards survival of all - this requires attention, and a focus of our intention as we transform ourselves to partiipate4 in the "we" model"

and what can "we" do to assist?
clean air, healthy water and a growing environment.
a loving community, caring and sharing.
mitch gold said:
just asking the question sells out your soul.

What question is it that "sells out your soul"?
Global warming a hoax - maybe I was over zealous with my use of language. :-)

Jeanne said:
mitch gold said:
just asking the question sells out your soul.

What question is it that "sells out your soul"?

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