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What are your thoughts about life after death -- how do we all fit within this universe.... please share your thoughts, ideas and experiences so we can learn from each other ....

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I posted on the forum discussion, but thought I was posting here.

thanks for the question...

I picture death as sleeping when not being in the REM phase. I like it, very peaceful, nothing that bothers you. I am not afraid of that at all. The only thing that scares me is the transition and experiencing the decline of those around me and myself physically and mentally. I really hope that the western view of "one life only" is true. One life in this world is nice but enough for me. The way I define hell is by eternal life in the physical world. The weird thing is that given the choice we, including myself, do everything to stay young and live as long as possible. No one would say "now is enough" no matter how old we become at least when being healthy (my grandma is 102 and wants to go for at least 10 years). Perhaps it is good that this decision at least in one direction is not in our hands. That may soon change however. It is not excluded when we make it through the next 30 years that we can live for many hundreds of years or quasi infinite working to be able to pay for revitalizing drugs and replacement organs. Sorry, don't want to spoil the discussion. Looking forward to other views.

...well...the experience one makes getting close to the subject death with all his senses - will be mostly a bit uneasy in general.Like putting your hand deep in a badger's burrow ,not knowing if maybe somebody's at home..:-)...The term "death" is also so final and hence radiates fear vibrations....We also see people dying - sometimes in terrible ways- on a daily basis,
what also connects one strongly to's actually still a taboo topic and in so far thinking/talking about life after death is making maybe the second step before the first.
Usually people slowly start thinking about death in their 30's and probably from age of 60 growing into the phase dealing with the subject.
Otherwise somewhere else people are confronted with "death" every day - be it through survival struggle(war-zones
hunger territories) ...
or through their work...physicians,nurses,hospice...the patients with deadly deseases.....
and yet others have serious experiences with the afterworld(contact with "ghosts'),near death events.and so forth...
So - there are a lot of approaches of different qualities to "death" and to the life after...and of course - here comes the definition of "life" into play one has. If one seriously dives into this whole"agenda" - it automatically will stretch his consciousness.It gets very interesting connecting the concept of healing with the concept of death and life after death...
Here another scenario....
imagine planet earth made it to established world wars,no hunger,no more live taking deseases - agression is collectively transformed into a constructive power....societies are well structured and organized(relating to organism) the planet's people have a lots of free time for themselves...everyone....survival fight is over..... the era of l i v i n g had begun.....maybe the idea has established collectively that death is actually not more necassary because live is simply good...what doesn't mean living in 3D for ever....but creating possibilities to change conscious from one live form into the next....
well and this idea is actually also the second step.But - the idea of balancing the planet to open space to collectively look deeper into the mysteries of existence...having the time and the space - no destractions anymore born out of the unconscious....
There is that urge in human being to stretch his life as long as possible.....and also for the other.To avoid redundant pain,
and of course: redundant death. Living.Maybe we have first to explore more life - and then automatically the riddels of death&co are solving....but collectively human being didn't arrive there yet.Into life.Because maybe then he will discover
that there is only life.Eternal life.And that would be a big one.Too big for him now?...Anyway - maybe we can start with getting a better understanding of transformation - which is an clear aspect of life also.Not death - but a shift.If we take a lifeform and we go down the ladder ...from the level of the the subatomic particles..and further down....
in a region where there is no more time and space though building blocks of existence to detect - there where human consciousness has no more access,life is still acting.So if a human being disconnects from the world of 5 senses,dies,in this region deep down there he still will further exist...
The idea of a final death is born out of a limited mind.What human being will experience bound to the degree of expansion of his consciousness.But like we already said,we perceive it actually as a second step.....dp

*.....everyone who experiences "sudden death" - through loosing a beloved person will walk through a phase of pain.Pain can have a function:it makes one awake,makes one experience life more intense,more conscious.And maybe one has the strength to pose questions in this alertness. Finding the right questions...and if they are found answers
can appear that soothe,heal and widen the consciousness.The point here is also : if "fate"strikes human being,
l i f e becomes more elementary,calling for exploration.
Let's observe an option...: -))).... If "life" is permeated through completely being it,being pure pulsation,l o v e appears in it's
full momentum - ecstasy.
The idea of life after death is a question that many have grappled with. Religions including the ancient Eygptians and the Mayans have rites to ensure a safe passage to the afterlife. It is has been written about by phillosphers like Aristotle to the plethora of New Age writers around today.
It is an interesting discussion to say the least. Does our "essence" live on even after the physical body is gone? Do thise who have crossed watch over us? So they communicate with us? I believe that many of us want to believe this is so. It is comforting to think that our loved ones ( as well as ourselves) will still be around after we pass.
Personallly, I believe that our "essence" does survive our physical passing. Included in this is that the ties of love transcend time or space and continue long after we have passed from this plane.
Cherie Blackfeather said:
Life After Death

one thing I'm certain of is
that death is a problem for the living
not for the dead
the dead have already transcended this life
the living who are fearful of death
are also fearful of the bereaved
when I was child and my mother died
no one stepped in to mother the living
leaving me very alone in my grief
There is a way to be with people in grief
Honor their grief without trying to "fix it"
Let them know through actions that they
are cared for by the living so that they can
remain with the living of their own life.
Honor the loss of relationship that the death has created
And fill it without trying to "replace" the person who has died.
This way the living can transcend death.
Thiis way there is life after death.
Amazing. Thank you everyone for your insight and open hearts. I know this is a scary topic but one that is good to face. In fact, as I write this I think I myself need to reflect more before I comment.

the afterlife, if there be one, could be something like what we experience when our third eye is activated.
"Watch as the masses of men worry themselves into nameless Graves, while here and there a great soul forgets himself into immortality". - emmerson

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