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Marijuana and the the influence of nature on conciousness, sacrament or sacrelidge ?

Many have found epiphany in what the plant kingdom has offered us, but for others it can become a limiting cloud. What roles can the offerings from our natural surroundings play in our awakening ? What are your life experiences that inform this line of contemplation ?

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Dear Arlene,
Thank you for raising the points you make. here on the 4th page of this discussion we find 2 very valuable points of view. Jeane takes up the point about guided ceremonial paths and the potential that a plant can have in helping us experience the first steps beyond the framework of our "clear" minds. You offer up the important recognition, that there is something valuable in becoming, "our highest, clearest, brightest self". Here we can identify division arising in the thoughts behind this discussion. I was aware of these divisions at the outset of this discussion and I am hoping that together we can weave a synthesis, or a middle way.

Arlene, your point about having experienced the, "toll it took on my body, mind and spirit" is an important consideration. Would you please be more specific about your experience of this toll?

In addition to outlining those specifics, can you talk about whether you think, you would have appreciated fully the value of clarity without having experienced this "toll" ?

Lastly, Arlene,
Can you tell us what you mean by God Clarity and God Purity ? Are you using the word God in the Christian sense or is there a broader scope you how you define these terms ?

Thank you for your willingness to share your point of view.

Arlene Cohen Miller said:
In my humble opinion, if our goal is unity and harmony consciousness, God Purity and God Clarity, then addictions of all kinds must be dropped. In order to be a clear conduit between heaven and earth and ground and express more love, we must keep our channels clear of all such substances as well as fear and negativity. If we want to change, grow and expand into our highest, clearest, brightest self, marijuana cannot be in the picture. I was a marijuana user for years, and personally know that toll it took on my body, mind and spirit. This may not be what some want to hear. It is my truth and I feel it is the truth. Drugs of any kind can only cause a Quasi Spiritual Ephiphany, and not the real thing. Thanks for opening up the discussion. Namaeste, Arlene

I am so afraid of drugs in general. When i was a child barely took aspirins.

many friends took hormons of growt (today hormons are inside meat)

today I am under psychiatric medicine........

that is my question: drugs are to be used to cure or to elevate?

If you can elevate today perhaps tomorrow won't need cure.

How does affects our mind neurotoxic drugs.

people smoking pots are often irascible........

In another discussion i replied "suffering is lessen by coming out of your body" pot helps in this case.

My Grandfather once said to me, "I seek Moderation in all things, including moderation"

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