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new phisical equation very interesting need your response

what do you think of this phisical equation?

energy - love = work + devil

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examples of reflection if you have no energy you can't work you can barely love

if you have lots of energy and you don't love and don't work you'll be devil.

if you are too much in love can't work

if you are too much in fear(devil) can't work................

Hi Lorenzo

If I have no energy, I go to bed and my husband helps me with his love to recharge my batteries

If I have lots of energy I can't stop working, because I am absolutely creative

If I am too much in love, I start to fly

and if I am too much in fear I start to cry

Have a happy holiday

with lots of love


happy holiday to you too Sylvia.

you've got it : love and energy walk together

work is an expression of this energy......

we can  also talk about methapysical love which is something which goes beyond physical one

this is a kind of love we are learning to give and receive in this community...........

i would like to feel much more "pressure" even much comment on this statements

love and light it's ok but there is still much darkness = devil.    devil brings us to be greedy and vitious

there are many people who have no love and only energy which spend theirs time in devil actions doing "negative" work.

we have got to be warriors of light and truth indeed

negative energy is devil

Hi Lorenzo,

thanks for giving me insight in your thoughts.

light an love is ok, of couse it is, because it is god's essence.

We are his expression on earth, don't you tink so?

I don't believe in a devil, only in wrong descisions. Bad feelings and sad emotions about wrong decisions.

There are only two reasons why we are acting, because of love or because of fear.

These two options are the basic power of our living circumstances.

While we are acting with a love base it is all easy and light but if we act as usually, under fear pressure,  well you see the answer all around in our world. You called it devil.

Have you taken a look at the BIG HUG - 2012 event we are planning 1st of May 2012 all around the globe?

 I am the director of the event and would  love to listen your opinion about it.

I have just met a girl.......she had some problems (devil filthy habits).

I know it would be difficult for her to change....because devil is difficult to be wiped out once you are in it.

But love is the sweetest embrace, because love forgives love doesn't mean only expectations but primarily to give.

give without wanting nothing in turn, you are lucky Sylvia to have found a man which aligns to you.

This girl i said has to be guided through my activism to the path of forgiveness.

I will try to understand her, bear some catcalls she does to other men and trust has still to come.

trust is important but means expectations.  hope is mighter than trust because I can hope I will be able to trust her in the future.

through care softness, (the devil seems to be insensible to good and positive thoughts)

devil means depression nervosity uncertainty i wanna give her sustain get into her life to heal her and definitely to heal doesn't matter if i won't be able because love is mighter than hope, love for life is stronger than peace lets you bear warfire, and to fight a war to end all wars. 

this might be a diversion on the original topic:

love is forgiveness

love is giving without having back

let her sleep, awake when she arise

make love 24 hours a day by simply synchronizing.

heal the world.

theese things are positive work and that is a way to defeat devil and turn into love.

you can't change leaded thing into love but can replace devil with love.

love is self control by loosing control you reach unconditional love which is not the expression of brutality but the expression of the sweetest embrace.

Dear Doreen this woman of mine needs confort to be considered a good looking lady.

she so desires this thing that does catcalls to other men. this induces to me jelousy.

but i trust her somehow, i know her from a week not more, but my hearth was ready to feel true love.

I think there is a higher form of love which is unconditional love, which knows no dissipations, which multiplies and is in expansion like the universe itself is.

let's concentrate on the equation: energy - love = work + devil


The enthalpy psycological - scientific approach the revealing of other own content.......the sun gives us light and space emptyness doesn't convey heath but only irradiation = the sun continues to irradiate with a high level of energy but there is rotation as well 

renewable energies are a low enthalpy application but are some kind unconvenient to sustain the grid and  the lower the temperature the higher the yeld of solar panels.

sun remains hot and this lessen dissipation and the sun arriving on earth is a thousand times our energy need but the price to pay of rotation is the discontinuity on solar reliability........




mother gave us life we need 9 months to be born........era of heath the sun low dissipation energy comes from the mother the sun.

life is 90 years or more year long that means we need lower enthalpy (being on hearth) to live up many years



We are all solar collectors we get bored with routine (silicium drugged) and we need to change "work point"

(power traking of solar plants)

we need energy but not too much heath (which characterized the condition in the womb) (difficulty to fit with only one woman)

we hate too much heath and desire light without heath but we need to change places (effect of rotation) but the effect of rotation may lead us to move from east to west or from one emisphere to another.   to be alwais on the sun we need to change latitude and longitude..................

please architects follow up with observations/experiences.


lower entalpy means also longer life (don't waste through drugs) higher speed means lower dissipations less space less memory..........larger the memory and higher the processor less energy dissipation and less entropy.........but the OS of our mind needs minor heath dissipation if we go fast.   


no anxiety (fear of speed) a bit of fear (less accidents)

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