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Prayers and the power of positive thought needed xx

Prayers are needed for my Sister-In-Law who is on life support. She been on it for 3 days now. We are waiting to find out if she has a tumor or a bleed on her brain. Because she is in intensive care, we have to do shift visits, we will be going to sit with her this afternoon at 5pm. At the moment we are all sort of numb, this came from nowhere, though she has been suffering from headache for the last few days. Please think of her in prayer or in a positive way to give her strength to get through this. Thank you.

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Your name says it all. There is divine grace present at all times. We are not given what we can not handle, but rather various challenges that can be managed that when sought, God could and would provide.

Wishing you the very best in courage during these difficult times.

God Bless,
Thank you for your messages, I'm sorry it has taken me so long to pop in and leave updates. Kay came home yesterday which is great news and we are really happy to have her home again, the bad news is that after 8 - 9 weeks in hospital and after several differant diagnosis's (some of which were really scary) they finally admit to not know what was causing the fitting or why she ended up on life-support. I'm sorry if I sound angry.......I really am though, over the last two months she has been diagnosed with a tumour on the brain, a blood clot on the brain, a viral infection, a stroke, a tumour on her overy which was causing toxins making small bleeds to her brain happen and now they want to make her an out-patient and for her to have a biopsy on her thigh!!!! I just don't get it!!! I'm afraid that my name might be faith but I am struggling to keep positive. However, thank you for your support and your prayers. I really do appreciate them xx

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