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Like many people today, I read about the significance of Scott Brown's election to the Senate. As a native son of Massachusetts and a family history there going back to 1670, the events in that state are always of interest to me. However, what I have been reading and hearing about the election is not nearly as important as what I am about to say.

The rulers of this country (I call them "rulers" because at this point they represent their corporate employers not the people) need to be concerned. They need to be concerned not about their reelection but about the continued existence of this country and the society in which we live.

My sense is that people are losing heart, are losing the capacity to cope with life. It is not just the politics and not just the constant media barrage of conflict and negativity, it is the bewilderment and deep malaise that is working its way into our hearts. The "heartland" of this county is not some geographical location in the mid-west; it is the collective soul of America that we are talking about. That is what is at stake.

People who are struggling to survive while being bombarded by increasing levels of unreasonable behavioral expectations (more affluent, more successful, more beautiful, more stuff, etc.) from the mass media can only cope with so much. They can only tolerate so much. What will happen when the breaking point is reached is anyone's guess.

So when you are tempted to loose yourself in the drama of the day and start to choose sides and take positions, pause for a second and contemplate that being on the "right" side is no longer important. What is important is the continued existence of the concept of freedom, the founding principles on which the United States is based. For without these foundations, nothing else will matter. And we the people are the source of this foundation.

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