Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

Although I strive to create my life rather than react to life, I have found myself being pulled into various debates about 9/11 and health care reform in the U.S. At times, I have felt like marching on Washington, letting our "leaders" know that the power of the people is what rules the country.

As I thought of that vision, of millions of people marching on Washington, I thought about what the experience would be like. What is it that has thousands and thousands of people come together? We think it is the cause, whatever cause we are promoting - peace, human rights, health care, etc. But really it is about affinity, a connection with others. This connection is what we are really after and what we really experience when we come together. The reason why we come together becomes unimportant once we begin to feel the connection, the love, the humanness among us.

Why does it take a great cause, an emergency or a disaster for us to unite, to share ourselves and stand as one people? Can we do that now, without a reason, without a cause? If we could, that would truly be a new world. It is coming, envision it and open your heart.

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