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What are you listening to? A music discussion of the music you are enjoying lately.

I just listened to some very beautiful music from Mali on Link TV's World Music program. I can't figure out who it was by or where to buy it though.

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Just the other day my brother who is a clarinet player in the Bay Area told me this story. His group sometimes performs for folks in rest homes. Recently, after they played "Sing, Sing, Sing (With a Swing)"...a la Benny Goodman, many of the advanced Alzheimer's patients had tears flowing from their eyes. After our conversation I went to Youtube to listen to the "miracle song" as my knowledge of the Big Band era is woefully limited. So taken with it, I decided I just had to share it with my 14 year old. He said "Oh yeah, Mom, everyone knows that song! It's great!"....
And for Afro Beat...I encourage our listeners to check out Chiwoniso. She is absolutely captivating.

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