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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

I am sure that in every moment of the world's eve history geophisical phenomena are correlated to each other.
At that moment everything will be moving with scaring sincronicity.
Since now we need recording sysmical events which should be compared to similar events in other parts of the globe.
There should be many connections.
At that moment time connection willl be faster and events could be controlled in time if single events may help predicting new ones.
for example
1) we all know that opposite part of continent float on the same "carpet".
2) study the relative "cynematic peace" which may lead to hearthquakes.....
Theese are just primal ideas.......I will follow.

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Let's lay down and carry on an imaginery since i started two years ago to contribute on this topic.

miracles will happen, we we'll be all gathering somewhere and with our diverse culture we will be able to compensate and to aid each other's difficulties.

We'll be part of an elite which will bring healing to ourselves and others.

which imaginery? 

1) climate changes: we have to prepare heat stockage and cooling devices.

2) do not rely on alternate current networks.  (but theese are technicalities which will be clearer some days before the date will arrive).

3) magnetic force is very low but when shifting it will give force enough to clear minded people. At the moment magnetic force is law, that's why many disease is spreading out, ilness, government corruptions and struggles.

4) mankind has widely demonstrated to punish itself: those with fear will begin to travel and crowd will be filling check-ins.   someone will die in bunkers awaiting for something which won't happen.  

5) maybe emerging countries will colonize "old civilization countries"  maybe nuclear conflict will bear to estinguish most of mankind


We don't have to worry how to save our lifes and how to defend ourselves, the faith will be our saviour.

It's very curious that (I do apologize with non Christians) of the last three times i bumped into a church and attented a mass, for two times listened to the Apocaliptical prediction.     I swear I'll write for all religions avoiding the temptation to report my own credo.

first of all there will be no more time for lessons we'll have to act.  no time for formality but for content.

the faith will be our saviour: the faith in each other, the consciousness and the brothrerhood that trascends gender religion and race.  The ones wich will not apply this will be automatically out of the prodigies.


I will follow.







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