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Universal Spiritual Connection® People Empowering People


Universal Spiritual Connection® People Empowering People

The Universal Spiritual Connection®, “A great Beacon of “Light and Hope, “Bridging the Gap” between all peoples and cultures around the World.

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Universal Spiritual Connection®, the Voice of “We the People”…

                             “Bridging the Gap”

The Universal Spiritual Connection®, “A great Beacon of “Light and Hope, “Bridging the Gap” between all peoples and cultures around the World.

In 1963 a great man, Dr. Martin Luther King, quoted, “I have a dream”. This momentous decree came as a great beacon of “Light and Hope” that still lives on today. As Dr. King dreamt, I too have a dream, traveling the world “Bridging the Gap” between all peoples and cultures.

In these days, we all are faced each day with a constant bombardment from the media of shootings, road rage, natural disasters weather and Wars. My dream is to restore Hope, Compassion, Acceptance, Love and Peace among the peoples of the world.

IAM dedicated to the Voice of “We the People” and all its many facets as the wave of the future to bring forth to the People, truth, knowledge, wisdom and the understanding that “We are all One” and that each of us and our experiences affect One Another thus “Empowering the Voice of “We the People” to be heard worldwide and translated into an everlasting Love and Peace for Humanity.

The Universal Spiritual Connection®, has indeed come to a place of shared Unity and Equal common ground for all peoples and cultures. A Unity not built on separation and blindness, but a solid foundation built on a respect for all walks of life molded by the thirst of the people for change.

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USC® RADIO PRODUCTIONS™ Launches our TV Channel this January !




Watch live streaming video from uscradioproductions at


The Universal Spiritual Connection® TV/Radio Productions seeks, individuals who stand firmly in their personal "EMPOWERMENT" as a leader but understands the importance of "Team Unity" for the greater good of being in service to humanity.

Universal Spiritual Connection® TV/Radio Productions welcomes Leadership professionals to host a new TV/radio program. The TV/radio program will focus on your area of expertise. The show is engineered live interactive internet talk radio service, conveniently using skype phone remotely with your personal computer. It will be a weekly one and/or two hour radio talk show and have an initial pilot run of thirteen weeks. Our staff provides simple yet comprehensive training and full support when required. You as the host will determine the topics of discussion, plus select the guests desired, posting of show guest, switchboard controls, written permission of all music played on air and take phone calls from the listening audience.

Please contact us at your earliest convenience to discuss further details; including the production cost of the program, sponsorship and income opportunities.

The best times to reach us are afternoons, anytime after 12:00pm Pacific Time, including weekends. To inquire about hosting a radio program and prices call: 480.255.6198 or email us at:

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The Universal Tones; What They Are & How to Hear Them

If you are a member of AOAND you already know at least a little about meditation. My gift brings you beyond your "bliss" to a physical truth known by just a few. Some think they are the sounds of the…Continue

Started by leandra lavender Jul 5, 2019.


Era of Spiritual Living - Rhonda Marie Brackett & Guest Vincent Genna

“Stop Stopping Yourself and Become Unstoppable!”

Vincent Genna, MSW,  is a world-renowned intuitive, respected spiritual teacher, and dynamic, vibrant speaker who provides the clarity and inspiration to help you stop stopping yourself! Over the past 29 years, Vincent’s life experience, extraordinary intuitive gifts and authenticity have allowed him to inspire and change the lives of thousands of people around the world.

We create our lives consciously or subconsciously. 95-98% of the mind is unconscious and acts automatically. NOT creating the life you want? You are stopping yourself without even knowing it! What blocks you from your gifts and purpose? Become the master of your life, change all you want, manifest complete abundance, and fulfill your dreams!

Rhonda Marie Brackett is an internationally known host and spiritual leader whose innermost desire in life is to assist others who are on their spiritual path and life journey.  As a visionary, life strategist, empowerment coach, and spiritual teacher, she brings a wealth of knowledge from her years of meditation, her own intuitive guidance from going within during her own spiritual journey, years of study and her own life experiences. Rhonda is an Ordained Minister with a Master’s degree in Metaphysical Sciences. 

Rhonda is the creator of “The Art of Peacefulness”, “The Path of Self-Healing” and “Spiritual Life Success”™”   

Healing with the Rainbow Rays with guest Mark Bowness

Alijandra welcomes Mark Bowness. He"s the man in whom you want to place your trust to guide you into a deep and powerful New Year's Revolution. Because he has been there himself and helped many others win their war against complacency and misery.

Like many others, until the age of 26, Bowness was simply going through the motions in a life that had little meaning, nor satisfaction—but he didn’t even realize it. It was only after his marriage breakdown and life crisis, that Bowness recognized he was living a life that other’s desired for him. The moment that Mark's marriage ended, his life hit rock-bottom and he turned to alcohol. In his deepest, darkest moment, he decided that he could not face the future and made the decision to end his life.

As a direct result of his attempted suicide, Mark had an awakening that transformed his beliefs around his future and led to a business called Tribewanted, that gained international media attention, featuring him on more than 200 media outlets on six continents. That led to a five-part BBC TV series that aired in the UK, Australia and America. A book deal followed and Mark began speaking globally on his transformation from “Suicide to Success.”

Mark made the decision to commit the rest of his life to empowering people to fulfill their true destinies, the one’s that they secretly yearn to experience. In addition to his degree in theology, Mark is also trained in NLP. Today, he works with individuals through his organization Life Change The Revolution ( and teaches the principles of his L.I.F.E Change strategy in the U.K., Australia and Europe. His newest imperative is the New Year’s Revolution, kicked off Jan. 2014. New Year's Revolution is the first shot in a movement to unite people in passionately pursuing personal change, community change and world change.

Era of Spiritual Living with Rhonda Marie Brackett

Host Rhonda Brackett welcomes Carolyn Gervais, author of I Dreamed I Was Human: Awakening from the Illusion, an eloquent explanation of complex metaphysical concepts that describe how human life connects with soul and spirit. Carolyn is an ordained spiritual psychologist, certified hypnotherapist, has a Masters degree in holistic nutrition, and has been a professional singer for more than 20 years.  Her websites are and This will be a great and interesting show!


Host of the show “Era of Spiritual Living”, formerly “Modern Day Spiritual Journey”, Rhonda Brackett is an internationally known host and spiritual teacher in the field of spiritual living and empowerment.  As a long time spiritual healing consultant, metaphysician, holistic practitioner, environmentalist and Law of Attraction specialist, her innermost desire is to deliver shows that are spiritual and informative in nature and provide knowledge that is helpful to others on a spiritual journey, those with compromised health, and those who seek to make positive changes in their lives. She is dedicated to helping others on their life journey.  

Rhonda is the creator of The Art of Peacefulness, The Path of Self-Healing and Spiritual Life Success™. For information about her spiritual life coaching, email or call Rhonda at 314-616-6175.

Healing with the Rainbow Rays with guest co-host May Leilani Graham

Alijandra welcomes guest host May Leilani Graham to the show. This will be Alijandra's last show with Blogtalk Radio as she, Leilani and the rest of the USC hosts will be moving over to their new USC Network which will be kicking off shortly. (Dates will be available very soon) Alijandra will be also picking up an additional radio slot on Tuesday afternoons, in addition to turning the usual Monday time slot into TV. It is all very exciting and we welcome you to our new home!

Tonight Leilani and Alijandra will chat about this shift, the current energies, their healing class in Arizona in April, and whatever subject presents itself. We invite call-ins and and the chat room to participate. It will only be an hour show tonight.



Beyond Feng Shui: The congruency of Spiritual Transformation of the Home Temple and the Body Temple

 Diane Haignere, owner of Ready Set Redesign, began her Decorating career at age 5 – Yep, Barbie and Ken had the best decorated house in the city.


She worked in Banking for 29 years. Burnt out by the downsizing occurring in the industry, she wanted to get into Decorating, but didn’t know how. Always decorating her home and friends homes during her banking years, she knew this was truly her passion, purpose and calling in life. 

Diane recognized she had an inner knowingness; a voice inside (that most of us have, but sometimes we ignore).  When she would listen to “the voice” and stepped into action, she had great success with helping people in Banking and Decorating. Amazed, people would ask: how did you know that? Today, her response is to give them a little grin, and say: “it’s beyond me!”  She knows the “rules” of Feng Shui, and realizes they don’t always apply to every home. Her goal: to transform one home at a time resulting in opening the hearts for spiritual growth of the souls living in the home.

 Diane’s Spirit-led life has resulted in highest rated Decorating and Interior Design Company on Angie’s List for 8 years. Dual awards in Staging and Decorating this past year. A graduate of The Ohio State University and a proud graduate of Klemmer & Associates in: Personal Mastery, Advanced Leadership, Heart of the Samurai, and Samurai Camp.

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Comment by The Ancient One on October 6, 2010 at 4:19am
It is good to have a friend...
Someone to comfort, and someone to be comforted by.
Someone to trust, and someone to be trusted by.
Someone to play with, and someone who will play with you.
It is good to have a friend...
A true friend offers respect and honesty.
A true friend shows consideration and trust.
A true friend cares and supports gently.
True friends work together as a team.
It is good to have a friend...
Friendship is a very special gift.
Friendship is a very special bond.
Friendship is a very special relationship between and among people.
It is good to have a friend...
When one has a friend, one can feel loved for being oneself.
When one has a friend, one can believe and rejoice in the moment.
When one has a friend, one can travel through life in contentment.
It is good to have a friend...
Hand-to-hand, heart-to-heart, spirit-to-spirit,
Friendship is the key that opens the door to harmony,
The river of peace, and the hope of the future.
It is good to have, and to be, a friend.

- by Mattie J.T. Stepanek

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