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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

I am also placing this response in the discussion section so it won't scroll down an go away from easy accessibility.

Hi Jesse,

"I do the work mentioned below by interacting with the Deva's of the land, air, water, earth. I also will interact with my perception of Gaia."

Ah, you are in good company as far as the above goes. This is part of what we do in our weekly meditation sessions using versions of the Violet Flame and other meditations.

We do recommend to anyone wishing to assist Gaia either individually or in a meditation group , such as ours, to do a through clearing of one's own 4 body system so what we are sending to the earth is of our highest, brightest clearest potential.

We provide guidance on how to do the personal clearing for anyone who is wanting to learn that. Please join us in the meditation class or contact one of us for individual mentoring.,arlenevioletearth, or myself

Thank u Jesse for expanding the collective understanding.

warm regards,

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I am a Shaman. I have been on that path for 30 yrs. I first woke up to my full skills when I was 14, back in '71' I have more skills than I mention due to folks being unwilling to accept my truth. That taught me that I don't need recognition of any form. I am willing to mentor others if they are willing to learn. If it is just basic curiosity, I will share on that level. If there is a greater desire, I will talk on that level as well. All of my teachings came from guide's, Angelic, elemental, and totemic. I can do journies for those that are interested. I can also facilitate a group meditation/journey if there is any interest.
Thank you for your response.

Thanks, Jesse.

warm regards
Linda Lawson

Ii stopped coming to this group because nobody chose to talk with me.  I have come back to this site hoping to find like minds.   I am 55 now, and not as reactive as I was 2 yrs ago.  I still have the skills listed above, but i do not promote myself.  Absolutly no one is interested. So, maybe I can just help folks gain a greater awareness of thier ego's and how the ego will influence how one interacts with the earth, deva's, etc.


take care

Linda Lawson said:

Thanks, Jesse.

warm regards
Linda Lawson



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