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BIG thanks & respect to Carlos Santana for having the courage to use his public platform at the `Civil Rights Game' to speak out with such perfect timing about the reprehensible racism of Georgia & Arizona - It is only by speaking up that dialogue & change can come...

In a time where our culture is being turned into a disposable distraction and many of the gains in artists rights that were accomplished in the 60s & 70s are being given up without a struggle, it is heartening that we still have cultural warriors who will stand up and speak for what is right...
I am sure there will be a backlash, but it will not come from REAL fans and are the same arguments that criticized `Sun City', `Free Nelson Mandela' etc and remain solidly on the wrong side of history, using fear to bully the enlightened out of their right of free speech to point out problems and work towards solutions...
Racism is far too unconsciously ingrained in American society to allow it to pass without comment... and `Warriors of Light’ rarely get the opportunity to present ideas...
Thank you Carlos for your bravery in the face of intimidation..

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iAs predicted, Carlos is coming in for a bit of flack for his
anti-racist comments at the `Civil Rights Game' in some news-site reader forums..
They are mainly coming from the far right fringe with a few entries from the
`Shut-up-&-Play’ crowd… I guess those people must REALLY hate John Lennon,
Bob Marley, Bruce Springsteen etc etc.. They should stick to Nugent &
Yes Carlos has great courage.
He's always "on his optimal zone" and is more alive of the most new generations rockers.
He has a fresh and new energy always on the run but with the wisdom of a veteran.
I also admire his work for peace.
In Libia and Pakistan there have been troubles. I was about to leave to literary bring the sun with a project there but couldn't because of terrorism.
Hope things get better in those countries.
Plus one old researcher predicted earthquake in Italy right in 11/05/2011. It didn't happen there but happened in Spain and Etna Volcano did awake right on that days. The prediction was about sun activity. and you know sun activity interface with earth couldn't have specific coordinate but emphirical approssimative information.....and the prophecy was almost true!




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