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I was interviewed about yard sharing and community as the wise and healing response to all our stresses. I'd love to hear what you guys think!

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dont know if community and sharing works for all of our stresses but i think it really helps when
the community is in a mature state as such... yard sharing may be a bit easier to handle, because you are only sharing that space, on the long run community may be more dificult but it also has the potential of been more rewarding... but as they say "friends are the best medicine"... Liz, i will like to hear your point of view
Luix Saldaña said:
on the other hand, traditional communities with long established roles, values, belief systems, structures and so forth, tend to have healthier minds and happier lifes when left alone from outside sources.
some where i found a comparative list of tribal people and individualistic cultures... then i went and added some concepts.
the list is:

Tribal-colective, Individual
sacred, secular
intuitive, rational
natural, industrial
rural, urban
wise, educated
magical, cientific
mystic, religious
phisical-espiritual, mental
simple, complex
is, must be
spontaneous, programed
flows, dominates
creates relationships, creates interests
multidimentional, tridimentional

i know its somehow idealist, but i believe is quite grounded... feel free to add to sich list
have a great day you all
I live in a commune here on The Big Island of Hawaii. I find it very stressful but people must learn how to live in communities.
If you are interested in giving a workshop in the mayan Riviera please contact me

Sharing with other people might be a stress if you have expectations.

I share because I love you all and i don't expect anything if not seeing this community grow into a place of global healing, good resonating vibrations, a wonderland because outthere the world is so cold.

when we'll be enough we will shine from outside and we will mwlt in an only unique brotherwood.



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