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Dr Christopher's formulas are my favorites. I've used the River of Life on and off for years. Supreme Greens is another combo I enjoy but I've tried lots of the cleansing formulas too. I've been using herbs for health since '93 when I went to the Farmacy to buy red clover tea for my greyhound. Caring for such a sweet spirit taught me a lot.

This is a video on detoxing ideas for Lyme disease die off but it has some good detox ideas for anyone.
I'm drinking my favorite detox drink as I'm typing this. I start every morning with a smoothie made of 2 apples, a handful of dandelion greens, beet juice and beet greens, parsley and the juice of 2 lemons and 2 cups of distilled water. Not only good for the liver, its great for your skin too.
That sounds like a good juice. I plan to get my new juicer out of my storage unit and start juicing any day now.. I keep saying I will go get it but really need to actually do it.



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