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~*~Hey Kurt H. Hoyer! ~:-)

WOW! I was just thinking earlier 2day about disscussing food combing & it's ability to get more bang for your buck, calories,amino acids ie: nutritional milage out of your food choices & specialzed diets!
We must be co-resonating with other conscious food combiners... ie: "The 100th Money Effect".

~*~ One mind! , One heart!, One Love! = One World is Enough for ALL of Us! ~*~

It's so simple really! There would be so much LESS malnutrition & starvation if we nutritionally savey folks & the medical community could just commit to an educational campaign to inform others on this invaluable technique of conscious preperation & consumption of our World's sacred food sources!

I used to take an anxious health food customers through out the store to help them read lables & find a much hugher & diverse amount of special food products for their or a loved ones new specialized health diet!

More later....
~*~ Peace, Love, & Light, Susan Ann Ice ~*~
Kurt is there a way to post this so it is easier to read?

Thank you,


Remember to eat "raw foods" whenever you can to get enzymes that you need for health. Chew your food well. If you are eating almonds chew them 40X for best results.



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