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To Be or not to be? That is the question?
Is this famous question from Shakespeare the answer?

In other words, the answer to conscious living?
If we choose to be, we have to be conscious,do we not? Of course, most of us live in the human "doing" part of us mostly just to survive in this culture. We pick activities that numb our mind to "make" a living, to "make" a contact, to "make" a lover, to "have it made." Like Thoreau said, "most men (people) live lives of quiet desperation." Can you, like me, relate, to living in anxiety, in fear of what the future may bring? To "try" to survive?
What if we lived in beingness most of the time? The feeling of peaceful loving bliss that some of us attain after meditation, prayer or a sweet affirmation of accomplishment, a creative success, or while just creating? Or mindfulness (being in the moment) - while doing the dishes, making the bed, sweeping the floor, loving your mate or friend, and feeling the love returned. Or an unconditional giving anonmously? Helping someone who is less abled? A worthwhile job well done?
Is "to be or not to be" the meaning of "free will"? Or is choosing between consciouness or unconsciousness something else. We we truly choose if we are unconscious? There is a quote in A Course in Miracles that states "need do nothing". When I am in that place of "needing to do nothing", I usually get more effective, creative work done in a more relaxed, more fun manner.
What, besides constant meditation, mindfulness or "praying without ceasing", can we do to choose being over doing?

Is inquiry itself a good way to live more consciously?
I spent some time reflecting and replying to Linda Lawson's great query above (In gratitude group at "How is your life when you feel gratitude for everything that you experience?" I get an inner smile just reflecting on the question, so I plan to spend a lot of time inquiring about it. Thanks everybody, everywhere, Ron

Our Unity speaker, Cathy Hatch, posed the questions: "What if you were that other person?" and "What if you really knew you were part of each other?

Living the questions mey be an answer to living consciously?

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