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What is your opinion about it?
Have you had any experience with using it? What are the results?
How to overwrite our subconsciousness in a more positive way. Things needed to know about it before getting started with it.

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In my opinion there has to be done much work deep inside to become the chrystal clear about the desires of the heart and soul before using the self-hypnosis or any kind of hypnosis. All the statements have to be said in a positive way with using also the words that does not contain negative parts. (Such words as the fearless for excample should not be used.) Nothing containg the what we don't want, only what is the true purest heart desire. I certainly needs some skills and knowledge about how to work with the inner world before being used. It is very powerful tool and it can really help when being done in a right way.
Thank you so much for the great reply. I've had the experience that it can also work too much and too fast so that it becomes hard to adapt with the new situation. So that is why it is essential to have the chystal clear intentions and to purify all the thoughts before doing the hypnosis. But when having enough will to make the changes in life, it still is very effective. I just love the fast way more than crawling. About more than a year ago I used the mobile phone for recording and played it in the morning just after waking up and right before falling asleep. Now I use just the positive affirmations that I want to appear in deep meditative state that is quite close to sleeping. I felt the need for it to remove some fears that were left and stood on a way to make the dreams to become real.
Guess that it may help if you concentrate on what you really want and let the garbage to deal with itself. Focus on imagining yourself with the perfect health until feeling really great, the health will improve. To overwrite something in the subconsciousness level it may take up to three weeks being practiced some time in every day. The old way of thinking just wants to break in again and for sure it digs out the garbage. Then it is needed to bring the thoughts and inner vision back to healthy, happy and abundant way of thinking. Focus on what or whom you really love and include yourself into this circle. You are worth all that is good and beautiful in your life.

Joan Gregori said:
Last year I purchased a book "Instant Self-Hypnosis-how to hypnotize yourself with your eyes open" by Forbes Robbins Blair. I believe the boredom of reading hypnotic script outloud to yourself is what puts you in a "trance". I was doing this to fall asleep and it worked. In addition, I used cd's by other "hypnotists" and a couple of those worked.

However, now I have so much negative garbage in my head (health, finances) that it's really hard to sit down and concentrate long enough to do it. Maybe you guys can help me with this. :)

Anyway, in my opinion, self-hypnosis is safe and can work if you let it.



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