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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

If you had your own TV Channel about PeaceMaking and Taking care of our Planet.... What would YOU show the World?

Looking forward to your thoughts!

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That we --the people and the planet are all one part of a whole that is ONE! That nothing or noone is better or more superior. We are all parts of a whole that make up the Oneness. From the tiniest blade of grass to the tallest, strongest tree-- everything is only a part of this spectacular planet that we the people have been given ownership of to maintain in a beautiful positive light!
I would show how it's not only fesable by very cheap to use self sustanable bio products to build "eco friendly green" homes. How to do ground water return from everyday uses like when we take a shower, wash dishes, and when we flush our toilets to live and even to be able to drink the water much more safely then even now.
I used to live in Australia where there is either drought or floods and they use ground water return to take care of cities the size of 1,200 people and even bigger cities as well.
In Australia they even use this process to water their parks, golf courses and both are vibrent and lush with lots of green plants.
Seems to me that we here in the states where we waste so much water at an alarming rate could learn something from the Aussies if our country would just get out of it's own way. And by the way, Nuclear power is not the answer to fix our energy problems no matter what Obama and others in our government might think.
We have our own TV Channel - it is in our mind. It is called Homeplanet Television. It is produced all around the world - much like Me Peace TV - but the distinction is - we are going to Program the Network - the network will get together in Peace Posse Cafes - which are inserted into existing facilities - and the content will be designed by AOND and the creative development team associated with it.

TV channels have two aspects - LIVE / and Repeat Shows.

we would make some marketing distinctions for the live shows.- relative to timing and production values

after that it is a matter of content.

the program content will be broken into categories - and ALL CONTENT will BE IDENTIFIED WITH particular symbols as to a number of different aspects:(the producer should make the evaluation - and the TV Program director will accept or reject the evaluation

Educational / Entertainment / (Edutainment)
1) physical, mental, emotional, spiritual (making a distinction between religious programming and spiritual) aspects

Programming will also deal with aspects of society : Economics, Ethics, Energy, Health (4 e's) as broad over views - with education and environment having their own categories.but linked to the four E's for educational purposes

Teachings should be programmed as special live shows - with subsequent access through archiving..

the architects for a New Dawn - will have its own program /yearly (an awards show) /quarterly (high lights of the past three month /monthly,/ weekly,/ daily - the distinctions will be by way of budget constraints. (starting with a monthly show.)

we will also have our own programs delivered through our cafes around the world - where conversations amongst the Architects take PLACE EXPLORING THE POSSIBILITIES and PROGRESS IN OUR PROCESS. - our cafes will be an outreach marketing process inserting "our cafe" into other restaurants, coffee houses, hotels, community centers without limitations - individuals can have a cafe in their home if they choose. - but will have to meet a standard - for production quality mainly.
Large live events will be connected aka LiveH20. and will cross promote our cafe process. Every cafe will have high speed internet hookup and computer, camera, and will be able to participate in the program using technology currently available.

the cafes can also have 'talent " nites - presentations of the obscure , entertainment , messages of importance -

programming will be a challenge in maintaining a quality while at the same time democratizing the medium.

We will invite others to program for us - ie - Wisdom University and their network, Ekhard Tolle TV might be an interesting add -on -

Our Homeplanet TV Network is t
While we will be in the TV business - we are NOT in the OLD MODEL and we are not in the Ekhard Tolle Model - we will be a hybrid that will define itself as we develop a world profile and learn how to effectively utilize bandwidth and minimize the cost/use

How we deal with language and translations will be a challenge too!.

Talk shows at the cafe - in 8- ten locations at a time - having AOND people talk about some of the content that we are producing and discussions on the value and insights of the future of Television -

IMHO this is where every one is going as all media converges and our process will i9n its own way create "new medium"
in McLuhan Terms as we wil be an Interactive Converged TV Distribution System - GLOBAL in reach - LIVE and democratic.

as Gretzsky used to say when asked about his skill. I don't chase the puk - I go to where it is going to be.

We are doing that with TV - homeplanet TV!.

Drafted July 22 2009 Max;s - Peace Posse Cafe Puerto Penasco Mexico.

Dear Yaron,

We need a new economy of Soul (love and light ) jobs with Soul purpose devlopment via direct contact of Soul energies and divine living matrix  and holy spirits for humanity to unite all races and religions from inside out for inner peace JOBS that are being paid to be of love andlight service jobs for US PEACE dept. JOBS that will help create new earth social healers with all the lightworkers, indigos and crystal people on this planet. New Govt. prevention and intervention HEALTH CARE jobs and new earth Human Service jobs that can alleviate  the poverty, wars, drug wars, violence, abusive adictions and abusive behaviors. all aggressive youth can do a sport.

We need new jobs focused on our divine living Soul (love and light) matrix... We started Soul Energies R&D to help this happen... see more...  



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