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Awesome abyss…invitation:
Come faith-fully leap… and,
when infinite resignation
brings only brink,
take-off’s edge, then,

You can’t just sign up,
for a trip to this place,
take a flight to this island…
a faith class seat
by window or aisle, and
faith doesn’t come with adjustable comfort.

Leaping is one way, but,
what does that mean?
Where will you land?
What if you don’t?
What if you fall?
How can you fly?
Flapping may help,
but what if you stall?

If you’re falling,
Fall gracefully, simply,
make it a dive,
embracing acceptance,
a half-twisting flip,
into trusting and knowing,
an infinite pool,
never to land.

And so, leaping (or diving)
into faith full abyss,
trusting and knowing,
as you fly, understanding,
it is faith that might land,
(not quite what was planned)
… Faith: grace fully landing…
on… you.

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Faith is action sustained by belief
When you jump
you just know
it was the right thing to do
for you
But in my experience having faith has often meant "jumping" without knowledge or belief. My faith has been demonstrated by acts of following the promptings of my innards (i.e. gut and heart), and only after taking the leap have I discovered I have wings.

Because as a trained regression therapist I have seen that I create the outcomes of my leaps long before I choose a body to leap with, my lesson of faith is actually about learning to listen to myself. And as I review the video of my life (to date) I love to watch myself spread my wings and gently float to my destination on the updrafts and currents of my joy.



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