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about drums


The Breath of Life


Sweet-chiming like drops of water,

Tone-sweeping the earth-skin with a lovers touch,

Driving the beat like riders under the storm

Hoof-beats like castanets on stone


In the midst of the clouds, lighting sky-worm

Fires up an x-ray like a forked phantom trail,

Escort twin-Thunder voice of drum, quick-sends the response

Hissing and panting deep and long as an ancient gong


Throaty wet voices in a counter-point

Midnight concert at the frogs’ pond.

In the jungle sustaining the infra-basso phrase,

The roar of the tiger sets a mighty pace.


Being mist, drops, veins and streamers

And equalized by king-elf the divine whim,

Undomesticated Waterfalls fly, fall and flow

in a wide range of highs, mids and lows

Silhouettes in the woods, shadows in the dark.

Wolfs: forest of pointed noses spading the sky

Echo-like howling a true call of the wild…

Up above in the reception, the moon, as pregnant as every month.


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Nice! Thanks for sharing, that's good, very good.



very nice thank you.



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