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Why Lightworkers Came to Earth

Today let’s pretend.  Pretend it’s a long, long, long time ago and we’re sitting somewhere in the Universe gazing at Planet Earth and seeing all her possibilities and all her pasts and all her probable futures.  We’re all Masters – we and our friends (and there are a lot of us, tens of thousands – we come from a very big and loving family).  We see the human species beginning to grow.  We see the creation of the Planet and the beauty that was built into it.  We see the free will nature of the place and we are intrigued.  We see the duality that is forming there because of the freewill feature. 

 In our Mastery we understood that the Earth has the capacity to sink the farthest into density.  Earth can go farther away from the pure Divine Love of Creator Source than any other place in the Galaxy because of Her free will.   We also knew that Earth is like an anchor.  Until she bottoms out and then starts her upward spiraling into the Light again, the rest of the Solar System,  Galaxy, and eventually even the Universe would be stalled.  This is because we are all connected.   So, it was imperative that Earth at some point reach her bottom and start the climb back up (hopefully before she completely incinerated herself  in some nuclear disaster).  God loves Earth.  God didn’t want to see Earth get destroyed, and in the process affect all her neighboring Planets and Solar Systems.  God needed someone to go and help bring her back. 

It is a well known Universal Law that you can only fix something from the inside.  Somebody needed to go in – somebody needed to do something.  We were Masters – and full of love – and smart enough to pull this off -  and so we came up with a plan.

We would incarnate into human bodies, knowing that the human body was so dense we would loose our higher vibrational connection to Home.  We knew our innate nature was Love and so we figured that even if it took many lifetimes of creating karma, and clearing karma, at some point we would remember enough to get the Planet headed back in the right direction, and then eventually get  us all out of here.

We came in massive numbers, with a pretty good idea that enough of us would get our acts together in time to affect the ascension of the Planet.  We knew that some of us would get stuck in the mud and the mire and not be able to free ourselves, but that was the risk we were willing to take.  We were counting on the percentages.   As long as enough of us made it NOW, life on the Planet would be saved, and all of us would remember eventually.

We chose a point in time when the energies would be most supporting of this leap – December 21, 2012 and continuing into the Spring Equinox of 2013.

And that effectively brings us up to now.  Some of our family is still stuck but enough of us are shining brightly enough to save us all.  We  may not all make it on the first ascension train out of town, but there will be other trains.  Eventually everyone who volunteered for this JOB will get to go home.

Home is different for everyone.  Some will enjoy this Planet in its new higher vibration.  Some will want to revisit Planets where they were before.  Some will want to continue exploring places they have never been.  And there will be no judgement of those who didn’t make it this time.  We knew not everybody would.  That was the chance we took.   We were counting on numbers – of enough of us getting our acts together in time to help all life on this Planet.    Some Masters will still be stuck for a little while longer.   Once Earth gets headed back in the right direction our brothers and sisters will find it much easier to find the path again.

If you can relate to this message about love and light, you are probably on board for the upliftment in consciousness that is sweeping through this dimension at this time.  If you know people who would laugh at you and still want their drama, please don’t judge them.  They are Family.  They just got stuck.  Their souls are  counting on us to do OUR  JOB so that they can eventually awaken to the truth too.

For some this is only a story – for some this is absolute truth – take what you like and have a blessed day.

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This is our truth and our history. Beautifully done. Thanks.
it's fun to have a place to post stuff like this --- love what you have done with your page here - love the pictures of Charlie - love that you and Charlie have a new place to hang out together.  I'm figuring Wolfie will hang out here too and I put up the picture for him.

Thank you for that.

I was telling a good friend the other day about how I finally found a way to help me look at so many people's negative (and dangerous) behavior and not let it negatively affect me. I have always struggled with that as I have been afraid of becoming numb in the quest of finding a way to see the behavior and not let it hurt me but at the same time not ignore or accept it which would lead to me possibly not doing whatever I could to awaken them or act as an example of a different type of behavior or fix what they had caused, etc.

A number of things lead to my finding my answer but the main thing was looking at how I love all of Mother Nature (I know people are part of Mother Nature but for this I mean everything but people) and prefer when she is allowed to do what she wants as opposed to being controlled like many people like to do or try to do (such as trim bushes perfectly square or round and have more "order" in everything they have growing around them). I look at those plants and they have been made to be what something that (at least in Mother Nature's mind) was not supposed to be, but I still love that plant just the same and do not blame it or have any bad feelings for it even though by it's appearance which was shaped by it's environment (the people) I still see it for a pure being with external pressures on it but the pressures and how it has turned out is not "it", there is still the purity in it's being.   

So it came to me that people that have been caught up in consumerism and running around in such a hurry and competing have just been mislead and controlled by external forces (just like the bushes and things) and yet inside they have the love and purity and that is why I should not look at them as being what they are doing, I should look at them as misguided and see what is buried inside of them.

That way I can still be aware of negative behavior, make it known it's wrong possibly by the simple act of not doing the same thing, and if anything needs fixing by what they did or said I can still do what I can to fix it but will not only not carry anything negative, but not let anything negative in me and remain aware and open and avoid having to put blinders on and become numb.

Then when I told my friend about that she said something that took it even further for me and I realized I could finally see how I could really, actually let myself love them even though they do harm.

I have always understood from a logical viewpoint that what Buddha and Jesus and Ghandi and Martin Luther King Jr and so many others said was right and made sense when they said to love everyone and forgive and all that but it had not gotten all the way inside me past the logic part and into my being.

I finally can see and let that inside me more than ever. It always made sense in my mind and their words helped inspire and encourage and made me know what path to take but I thought I would never see it past that----that it was fine for them but for whatever reason I was incapable of taking it that far although I would always do whatever I could to help anyone or anything, I still wouldn't understand with my heart one hundred percent what they meant or I might understand it but it would be like me understanding a fish and loving it but I can't breath underwater and I accept that as a difference that can't be overcome.

But I can see it now.

As all life is, it's a continuing journey but I can actually see it. Not with my eyes or logic circuits but with my heart and soul. It's actually open to me and I can feel it and see it and know all I need do is allow it to grow. I can stay fully aware and active and not numb myself and yet not negatively connect people's actions with their deep down souls or hearts.

I can see it now. 

And for that I am extremely grateful and through this door opening to me I hope it means I can be ever more aware and helpful and spread as much positive energy and love and Peace as can be.

Thanks and Peace to All.

13 June 2011

How beautifully said!  Thanks.



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