Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

Its two years later since I started this group and its wondrous to  reread the comments. They still inspire me.


In these two years ,especially in the last six months, I feel I have come upon the most resistant ,fearful stuff that lives in me. And what a big help it turns out to be that I learned and practiced some tools to maintain my resolve.


Viewing life from the perspective o f consciousness, makes all  the difference in th e world. We know there is more to us that the body we reside in. And our day literally turns out based on which aspect of us we choose tod identify with...consciousness or body.


We experience ourselves as consciousness , part of the oneness of all life in meditation if we are discipined enough to outlast the monkey chatter of the mind.


And there we have it . Two opposing forces living in one body. What is one to do ? How does it all come together?


Wouldn't you know it would be the heart that bridges the two selves? Not the heart of I will love you if you love me.The heart that says I  love u anyway, no matter what.


I have found true centre. A deep well of love every expanding .


 When  I bring home a negated bit of self home that  I could not bear to see in prior moments , this heart of love gently surrounds this unwanted  bit of me  in the kindest, purest, beat of her fiery  heart , and accompanies it to the "new ."


When we are in despair , we don't remember that some bit is ready to come home and its telling us in the language it the language we programmed it to say"

" it may sound angry. it may use harsh may yell" Get Away,you ugly bitch!"


And here is where those simple tools for remaining judgement free come in. This is the time ,as all times are, to stay steady . strong. unwavering.centered in the heart.


"You will see me in other people an d you will not like me. i will make u upset. Its only because you  secretly chastise yourself for being just like them.


Wise ones say , please open the door to your heart. You have barred it shut feeling this is how best to keep me,the painful stuff,  in shadow. your facade can be maintained with laughter or a poker face.  but all of us are not fooled.


Go ahead and breathe free . Undo the latches to your heart . Only you can, the wise ones  say .

Your heart  wishes to breathe free. .. to evolve into the love it can be in potential, it can , if you choose to allow. 

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