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Please share your tips on identifying where we are feeling lack of worthiness. Share also on how to feel worthy.

This lack of worthiness masks itself in many ways.It keeps many Iight workers feeling they have little to contribute . Only a small percentage of the Lightworkers who incarnated to help clear the fear here on the planet are contributing to doing so.
Yes, of course , we are unconscious or habituated to fear.

We talk as if we wish to transform fear into love, yet when fear comes to express it self in us or about us we are weak to transcend it.

What will it take for us to manifest the brilliance we hold within? I find what helps me to push past the inertia of fence sitting is to mantra, "clear all from my life that no longer serves me."

If you're sincere, it will happen, so be ready. Grieving is allowed and necessary .Going back to old ways will not fit anymore , no matter how u try. You will know you are living a lie.

We have become enamoured with ourselves. Our egos claim the light and love of our higher being as its own.

As we stay in the consciousnes to assign our hearts to "always tell me the truth " worthines is no longer an issue. You know you've held nothing back from living and loving in truth. You know your natural state is to be aligned and centered to Source ( or your favorite name for this energy of creation).You know service is loving all.

Let us help each other move forward in worthiness. Our lights could be seen and felt round the world.


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Thanks for another great subject, Linda. I think passion has alot to do with overcoming a feeling of a lack of worthiness. If one has a sense of passion about their purpose, then one has the energy to overcome any obstacle. I took a "passion test" today, and found out my number passion now is to have a great sense of peace, joy and healthy self-fullment. Then number 2 is to help others find the same thing.
However, I did not have particularly good self-esteem over 20 years ago, when I founded the Young Adult Center for Jerry Jampolsky's Center for Attitudinal Healing. Jerry had been working with life-threatened children, but many were becoming teenagers and did not fit in. I was able to get a grant, and became a salaried employee while still in grad. school. I think I was working out my guilt and grief over my younger brother being killed in Viet Nam while I was in army at same time, and not in Viet Nam, because 2 brothers were not supposed to be there at same time. Whatever, I was very passionate and built up a pretty large group. I had a great sense of passionate purpose, and felt it was the most satisfying service, I have ever done. I am still looking for that same strong purpose, and may have found it? Will soon see - you bet that I will write about it.
May all beings be free and happy, ron
Worthiness I have found is embedded in my ability to know that I exist. Naturally I breathe, walk and stuff like that but existence is more than that. Existence implies standing in me and pronouncing my Isness to me, which in turn vibrates into the world.

Self love is the source of worthiness. Without having love for me I am not worthy of anything for me. My issue had been a lack of love for me. Feeling that I was not worthy of having what I needed and wanted. Hence, I would not offer it to me nor ask for it.

Worthiness is unquestionable once existence is accepted. A tree does ask am I worthy to be a tree. The does what trees do. Humans are to be the same. A lack of worthiness, I have found, is a lack of Self acceptance for who I am.



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