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Comment by Lorenzo Abbiati on April 15, 2018 at 2:32am
Comment by Lorenzo Abbiati on April 15, 2018 at 2:31am

20 concerts by Carlos more purcahased from me in . The Energy of 73-91 is astonishing....i love tour soul Carlos.....thank yous...Lo.

Comment by Lorenzo Abbiati on December 29, 2016 at 12:15am

Dear Santana's fans:

two weeks has passed since i downloaded all this concerts.

the only thing i have to say for now is that the expirience of being able to listen to all of them step by step is terrific.

i have been strained to stop from listening cause my excitation kept me away even from night repose. it's like seeing a too deep light... so i resolved to listen averagely to only 1 our a day to theese faboulous it will take me more time to classify them and selectioning pieces for a Whole documentary about Carlos and his faboulous musicians...i can also say that i will mainly focus on guitar , collaborations, vocals and some keyboard / bass / drums solos.

the concerts i will be "working out" will be about 120 as number of shows.

the final point is : if i barely can stand all this great energy by listening 1 hour a is it possible and how has it been possible for Carlos withstanding this great wave of energy of three hours' show almost each and every day by playing (and not just listening as me)  great improvisation and out of schedule treasure pieces.....i Think Carlos is an "extraterrestrial" , a gift to humanity, still honour him and will never stop to do it.....!!!!

By my little live experience (still engaged in holding karaoke music therapy for psychical disadvantaged people) I know it's more unique than rare standing out like Carlos among professional musicians and even between the most famous ones.

Comment by Lorenzo Abbiati on December 14, 2016 at 3:01am

This is a set list of concerts of Carlos i downloaded from a bootleg site...........

It was one of my dreams, to have all of these selectioned videos and audio files hand picked by myself 

They arepresent some of the most beautiful and interesting concerts by Carlos in his Golden age (some 90's didn't dowloaded cause i attended the concerts and both i own already DVDs commercial and bootleg)

My intention is building a solo file by choosing the most glorious moments in each concert and complete a video documentary featuring Carlos vbest live performance as seen by Lorenzo Abbiati

(all legal and paid dutes and fees to the sitekeeper cause i bought all these concerts)

Obviously watching and listening a little bit of this stuff everyday will give me extra power to try to compensate definitely some lacks of my other words they are an healty bomb from me a powerful therapy . Thank you Carlos (and all of his supreme musicians) for having existed and still producing such great music


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