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Radio Interview on Isle of Man as the "real" Isle of Avalon and the Mushaba connection

Radio Interview on Isle of Man as the "real" Isle of Avalon and the Mushaba connection.

For anyone interested:

I have just had a pre-recorded interview made by Manx National Radio for a 10 minute feature segment on the topic "Isle of Man as the "real" Isle of Avalon and the Mushaba connection"

This will go live on "The Late Show with Bernie Quayle" tomorrow evening, January 13 2010 @ 23.30GMT

Go here to convert this to your local time…

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Heaven is Being Perfect ~ a (incomplete) personal evaluation of "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" by Richard Bach

As many of you may well know by now, JLS has long been on my bookshelf....almost since its publication in fact.... not necessarily the same copy as so many I have worn out, given away and replaced over and over.

In 2008 I began an indepth evaluation of JLS for I knew it had something much deeper to share with me. Following is part of this evaluation with quotes from the book (page #s given may not always reflect your copy of course so you may have to search a bit for the quotes…

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DNA ~ An Awareness, Not a Biological Concept


Is it 2 strands, or 12 strands, 144 or an infinite number? Is it such at all?

Science would have us believe that our DNA is what enables our evolution as a human species, but is that not of the old matrix as a biological concept?

We are told more and more that all that we have perceived and experience based upon linear time frame is an illusion, that the 3D material life does not exist, that it is not…

Added by Elizabeth Feisst on November 4, 2009 at 11:01pm — 2 Comments

The Dark Side of the Moon


In July 1969, Apollo 11's Mike Collins found himself circling the moon many times in the Command Module while Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were transported to the moon's surface in the Lunar Module. They then spent time there walking on the moon and doing various activities as they were required to do.

Neil and Buzz were in the in the full glare of the public eye in all their procedures on the moon while Mike Collins continued on his alone…

Added by Elizabeth Feisst on October 31, 2009 at 7:27am — 5 Comments

October & November ~ The Time of Many Ones (aka 111)

The Time of Many Ones (aka 111) signifies new beginnings.

We have already enjoyed 3 days in October of many 1's and I see there are many more to come in the next few weeks as well, so I share them with you.

The three already that have been are:

1 October 2009 = 1/10/2009 = 1/1/11

10 October 2009 = 10/10/2009 = 1/1/11 ~ 10:10 Stargate portal

11 October 2009 = 11/10/2009 = 11/1/11

So let's see what is to come for the rest of October and…

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The Fill of Stillness


Yes I'm still these days of life to feel the inner love removing all

that has been of past recalling and bittersweet pill of life's past fall

yet slowly wakening I am, to what has always been, a love so deep

in this stillness I feel the inner swirlings of that which is my keep

Mysteries unfolding to reveal their inner magic of time long gone

and so in stillness I see at last a love with power supreme and strong

to take me…

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Conscious Unravelling of the Death Urge


It occurred to me recently that this year, 2009, has been all about unravelling the death urge our body has had built into its cellular memory banks having long been on the treadmill of reincarnation.

As we are all aware we are leaving behind the illusion of duality and separation and claiming once again the truth of who we each are ~ SelfSourced Beings of Original Soul/Spirit which in purest form exists within each of…

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A Place Called Completion

I wrote this poem in April 2006 and as we are coming up to the 999 stargate of completion it seems appropriate to post it here


Love Elizabethxx



A death is occurring

the end of the past

reflecting and learning

to move on at last

Mankind desires

a new way of life

a rebirth's occurring

to end all the strife

The moment of merging


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Royal (Real) Status


I was looking out over the hills behind where I live yesterday and saw a hue of purple heather and golden harvested fields and something went "click" inside of me.

The royal status of purple and gold at harvest time. The alchemy of soul/spirit fusing with matter.

We are at the opportune (portal of unity) place of realising our True Selves at last.

The grand shift which we have long felt coming is upon us now. The winds of change…

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The Story of Life ~ Story Waters

The Story Of Life By Story Waters - Please note this is an advanced recording and is unlikely to make much sense to people not familar with multi-dimensional or metaphysical… Continue

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What an Immaculate Conception!


Have you ever considered just what an immaculate conception we each are? If not, perhaps it is time we did so, huh? For not to do so is like throwing mud in the eye of the Creator Source, yes?

So perhaps it is time to get back to our roots. To examine deeply our true origins in all their glorious depth, their onedrous magnificence, their bountious beauty.

So what are our roots?

Two words, eight…

Added by Elizabeth Feisst on September 2, 2009 at 5:38am — 4 Comments

The Promise I Made


I woke up this morning singing the refrain (or part thereof) of the Girls Aloud number THE PROMISE, embraced in the title of this blog. I wondered why for at the time I could not remember the name of the song or who sang it....a google search remedied that.

Go here for the lyrics:

{There are many YouTube video versions of it, but where I live, copyright conditions do not…

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The Heart Is Your Higher Intelligence ~ from "Love Without End, Jesus Speaks" by Glenda Green

An extract from LOVE WITHOUT END, JESUS SPEAKS by Glenda Green. pp 155-163

Glenda is in a personal conversation with Jesus here.

While I no longer subscribe to the concept of "god" being a parent/father/mother, nor of a specific gender, nor do I adhere to mySelf as "a child of God", I found this article/extract contained profound information assisting the understanding of the sacred heart space.


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The Greatest Love Story Ever Lived ~ To Be Continued


It's all been the greatest love story ever lived and it is only getting greater! This perceived illusion of fear-based living of duality and separation, is based on the greatest Love imaginable. We each chose it. We each lived it. That has got to be a perfect love story! That is Love.

I emailed a friend earlier with some details of the life of a dear soul who crossed over some time back and in sharing his "story" I…

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The Temple of Soul o' Man


As we move deeper into the greatest universal consciousness shift ever presented us, one can feel more and more the purification of the temple housing One's SoulSelf.

In so doing, transforming the personality residues is a priority and alone is where I wish to be to do so for I propose to work from the bottom up and not from the top down. My understanding behind this is that a house is built from the foundations up and not from the roof down…

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Coming and Going or Is It?


On the rhythm of the tide the waves roll to shore and return to the ocean endlessly and limitlessly. They come and they go or do they?.

The clouds move across the sky, floating on the currents, shape-shifting themselves, repatterning themselves - forever changing. They come and they go or do they?.

On sweet zephyr breezes or stormy gales, the herring gulls fly, wings flapping in practise flight then gliding along the top of currents…

Added by Elizabeth Feisst on August 27, 2009 at 11:37pm — 8 Comments

Self Nurturance


With the new moon in cancer yesterday brought in was the energy of nurturance....Self tending, Self caring, Self support, Self love and so on.

In such a space one feels safe and secure, trusting all is being cared for and feeling the universal support of all of life.

What better way to be in these times of personality transformation currently evidencing itself everywhere on the planet. In the solitude of Self's own sacred space there one finds…

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Just Listening


As One ensouls Self to the deepest depths, comes with it is more conscious awareness of detachment and there becomes even more so, a deeper experience of Being "IN the world and not OF the world". OneSelf, just listening.

More so now is the expression of the Silent Watcher, the Observer Being more fully expressed from the deep inner stillness, watching, Being OneSelf and, just listening.

In this place of existence, consciousness is, expansion…

Added by Elizabeth Feisst on August 26, 2009 at 1:00am — 1 Comment

Self Reliance


I have for some weeks felt the need to become totally with mySelf once again to experience who IAM at a much deeper level with as few outside influences as I can maintain, for I know that full Self Reliance is now, for me, the way to be to my move into full Self-Mastery.

A time of being with mySelf Alone, as All One, as All There Is, seeking an ever deeper connection with who IAM as sovereign creator and author of my life.

The fullest merging of…

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Self - The Perfect Mirror


Since the beginning of July I have felt ever so tired once again and sleeping hours on end, up for two or three then back in bed once again. Feeling strange is not the word for it, but then in this transition any feeling that is not the old "norm" is the new valid "norm". It just takes a bit of plugging into.

My recent "going it alone" once again after months being in group/collective mode has been a wise move as I have experienced MySelf like…

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