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Connecting the Dots... skewed by experience

To the uninitiated or inexperienced this is going to sound like some lunatic fringe character conjuring up a sci-fi story to wow his own ego. And they would be right, but only because that is their belief system. I've had a lot of questions since I was a child, set up from birth it seems. I've questioned my reality on too many occasions without any kind of mind altering substance to produce perceptions of the weirdness. Well, after a few decades of experience I have to say there is some… Continue

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Anthropic Principle

Anthropic means 'of or relating to human beings or the period of their existence.' This relationship between man and the cosmos is said to be through intelligent design. Only a small range of possible values for the universal constants (such as the mass of an electron) are consistent with the presence of life as we know it. The significance of such apparent fine-tuning of the universal constants is disputed by those who regard it as trivial and those who argue from it to the necessity of life… Continue

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