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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

This beautiful water was gathered with prayers from the Nile in Aswan Egypt in October 2019 mixed with water from the 13 Indigenous Grandmother’s sacred water ceremonies, as well as from rivers and lakes and oceans gathered by many from around the planet. Such a potent little bottle of sacred water!
Some of this water was offered to the Earth on September 13, 2020 at 7:30pm in Eugene Oregon at a 150 year old cherry tree at the Owen Rose Garden. (See video here:
This lovely garden is right next to the Willamette River (hear its flow), who runs north to join the mighty Columbia River, which heads west to join the great Pacific Ocean. This vast ocean connects with the other oceans and seas of water around this precious Earth. These waters evaporate to bring rain and snow to the land to become the rivers and lakes as this ancient and essential elemental cycle distributes the sacred waters around the biosphere. I have heard it said that a drop of water cycles the planet for 10,000 years before it returns to the same spot once again. The water inside of me was once in the bodies of the ancients ones and when it leaves me will provide life to another. Water is life to so much life throughout the ages.
With the intention of bringing balance to the elementals and with the prayer to quiet the raging fires on the West Coast of the United States and all places they burn out of balance, as well as redistributing the excess waters where flooding is happening. . .
You are invited to join with many others to recite this adapted Zuni prayer twice each day at 11:11 for the next 11 days (until Sept 24) wherever you are on the Earth, and/or any other time you feel called. . .
As you speak it, feel the rain on your cheeks, hear the sound of it falling, smell the way it makes the land smell; bring your imagination and all your senses into the envisioning of rain happening where it is needed.
💦 💙💦 💙 💦 💙 💦 💙 💦 💙 💦
~A Zuni Prayer for Rain~
Cover our Earth Mother four times with many flowers.
Let the heavens be covered with the banked-up clouds.
Let the Earth be covered with fog; cover the Earth with gentle rains.
Great waters, vital rains, cover the Earth peacefully.
Lightning and Thunder
We honor you; your fire medicine is for another day.
Let us be heard across the Earth;
Let us be heard;
Let us be heard over the six regions of the Earth.
May all our relations be cleansed and healed with fresh sacred water.
💦 💙💦 💙 💦 💙 💦 💙 💦 💙 💦
One earth.
One humanity.
May we remember our heart.
May the elementals find balance.
May we take care of ourselves and each other.
Thank you for you and all that you do to help the whole be whole.
Amanda Moore
Inspiration for this offering: Pilar Elias

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Comment by Steve H on September 15, 2020 at 8:53pm

Mni Wiconi!
Water Is Life!
Thanks for this and the water offering.



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